October 10, 2011

the weekend. a listicle. with pictures.

Mondays mean Listicles for me- at least the past dozen or so Monday have meant this. This week, however, I'm not following the prompt as it's too personal for me and while I'm pretty open about a lot of things here- including sharing gobs of pictures of my Lovie- I just don't feel comfortable sharing my family tree. Instead, I'll listicle my weekend for you because the fact is, I love me some Monday Listicles!

The H and I skipped out on work on Friday.
He needed to get new brakes on his car and I've been wanting to get out to the pumpkin patch during the week to avoid the weekend crowds. So we went for it on Friday. He dropped off his car, I got Lovie ready and picked him up and we headed way out to the burbs and stopped for breakfast.

Apparently the running around in the morning, tired out someone who was sound asleep once we hit the breakfast joint. She woke in time to nosh on some fruit though.

The pumpkin patch.

I've known about this pumpkin patch for years and years. It's at a farm that has a HUGE pumpkin on top of their barn so that you can see it from the highway very easily. Last year was the first time we went and man, did we have a great time. Lovie was only 9 months old and it made for some awesome pictures. Plus it was free (if you don't count the cost to drive out there).

This visit was even more fun because Lovie was all about "pumkins" so she had a blast trying to pick them all up. Plus there was a kick butt slide and my girl is a slide-aholic!

And then there's the gigantic chair that make my Loviebug look small. :) Could she be any cuter?!

And a pumpkin tunnel that she adored running through over and over and over again. : )

We actually didn't stay too long- it was HOT out there. And I do mean hot- like 80's without any shade. We were all exhausted after about an hour or two. No tears were shed when we left.

We got back into the city in record time and the H's car wasn't ready so we grabbed some lunch before Lovie and I finally got back home around 3. I was spent and very much looking forward to a nap but someone else didn't want to nap. Oy, was she beyond exhausted come 6pm.

Bryan Adams Saturday.
It was a bust. Wah, wah wah! : (  We spent the morning and early afternoon of Saturday hanging out and cleaning a bit. When Lovie took a nap, I did, too since I'm not used to staying up late and wanted to prepare myself for my evening with Bryan Adams. The phone rang when lunch was supposed to arrive but apparently it was Ticketmaster. Bryan Adams was postponing the show.

I felt so defeated. It's been over a year since I've gone out without Lovie, without the Hubs. My mom was coming over to go see Bryan Adams with me (her bday is in a few so the tix were a gift). The tickets were a gift from the H for my bday last month and now all I have to remember turning 39 is a near 6 hour trip to the ER. Boo hoo did I want to cry.

Instead, I asked my mom- an hour or two after she arrived- if she would mind if the H and I went out after Lovie was in bed. She was fine with it and the H and I went out alone for the first time since last winter. And while the movie was beyond shittastic, we had fun. The two of us. Alone. Without our Loviebug.  The movie was at a fancy movie theatre (down the road from the pumpkin farm, actually) that allowed for "chef prepared" meals to be served as you lounged in their plush recliners!

We talked and laughed a lot during the ride there and back. It was just nice to like my husband so the whole Bryan Adams canceling his show thing turned out to be OK.

Lovie's Park.

Sunday morning after we had some coffee (the adults) and pancakes, we all headed out to the park near our house. We've been going to this park since moved into this place last September and at first I wasn't too impressed with it and thought it was just too big for Lovie. But now that she's pushing 2 and fearless, it suits her just fine (and we stop here all the time as long as it's dry and below 80). So much so that yesterday she conquered the highest apparatus and slid down the highest curving slide by herself yesterday. Over and over again. "Peek a boo!" she'd exclaim as she got to the top and peered down at us. "I see you!" she'd squeal running to the slide.

It was in the 70s/80s all weekend. No rain, no clouds. All sunshine. As much as I hate the heat and absolutely love everything about fall, I figured we should take advantage of the weather and get to the park as a family.

While it was a great weekend with a lot of time spent outdoors... I really am truly beyond ready for the colder temperatures. We got a taste of them a couple weeks ago but the past week or two have just been too summer-like and I want Fall already!


  1. You take such lovely photos and Lovie is so photogenic! Love the giant chair one. Well love them all but that is so cute. This listicle made me happy. Hurray for Friday's off!

  2. Your Lovie is quite the photogenic little girl! Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me!

  3. That's a full weekend, alright! Your Lovie is soooo adorable. No, she could not be any cuter. Nice job on the photos too!

  4. awww thanks for the great comments on my Loviebug. :)

  5. Boo! I'm sorry about the BA show since I know how much you've been looking forward to it. But yay for pumpkin patches and date nights at fancy schmancy cinemas!!!

  6. Wow!! You guys had a busy weekend. I cringe when I hear you longing for winter. I'm loving this "heat" (80's aren't really considered hot for me), but I can appreciate that you love cold weather...someone has to! ;)
    I love those pumpkin pictures, and that rocking chair is AWESOME!!

  7. We went to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend, too. It is a family tradition and I love every minute of it. From the hay ride to the dancing veggie to trudging through the mud to find the perfect pumpkin. A great time. Love the picture of Lovie on the big chair.

  8. My fave pic (and all of them are good BTW) is the one of your daughter sitting on that ENORMOUS chair.
    Sorry to hear about the concert - I would've been SO bummed too!

  9. Loved that gigant chair. I need one.


  10. Lovie's such a cutie pie in those pictures. She looks so tiny in that gigantic rocking chair! Glad y'all had such a great weekend! :)

  11. Looks like you had a great time at the farm! I love the photo of her in the giant rocking chair.

    Sorry to hear about the cancelled show, but glad you were able to spend time with your husband!

  12. I want to go to a movie theater like that! And to a pumpkin patch - I've never taken my girls to one. I'm glad you had a good weekend despite the Bryan Adams concert being cancelled. I love some Bryan Adams!

  13. We're doing the pumpkin patch Sunday -- I can't wait. And I love those pictures. :) AND COME ON FALL!

  14. Lovie is just so adorable!!!! Sounds like a wonderful family weekend to me!

  15. I love your photos! Now I want to go to that pumpkin patch. And to a movie where I get served dinner in a recliner! That sounds amazing!


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