October 7, 2011

Bull Bus

A waft of earthy scrumptiousness settles me in.

Soft, faint music from behind. 

Traffic moving in unison to my right, yet whizz by my left.

The wheels hit a bump: Da-thump, Da-thump!

A puff of cool air spits on my forehead. 

Sunbeams reveal dust gathering on the dashboard, some dancing in the light.

Giggly squeals from behind… My heart smiles.

Breathing in deeply, letting the heaven-scent of robust coffee fill my senses, I reach for the dry cup that sucks away moisture from my hands and bring it to my lips. The mist from the hot drink tickles my lip as I take a sip of delectable heaven. 

More giggles, but the whizzing starts to fade.

Reds, oranges, yellows on the trees - painted against the clear blue sky - line the side of the highway, taking my breath away and leaving my eyes moist. The skyscrapers smudged on the painted sky in the distance slowly become crisper. 

Brake lights illuminate all lanes.

“Bull Bus, Mama!” she sings from behind.

“Yes, baby girl, it’s a school bus! I see it, too!”

Rubbing the steering wheel, a smile invades my face despite the fact that we’re submerged in rush hour. 

This week we asked you to take us somewhere. Where was up to you -fiction or creative nonfiction- but we asked you to use your words to paint the setting as vividly as possible. In 200 words.


  1. I love this post. Everything is better with a child of yours.

  2. Oh wow!! I would never have guessed by your imagery that you were IN your car!
    Great job!!

  3. I love your take on this. It's the best when my kids can pull me out of my funk and remind me to smile.

  4. Letting your baby girl take you out of the maddening traffic and into a place of heart-smiles... lovely!

  5. Wow. I absolutely adore how you take something that is normally so unpleasant and make it sound like the most pleasant and perfect moment of the day. Beautifully done!

  6. What a sweet description of something we generally view as a necessary evil!

  7. Such a lovely pause- to notice all of that scrumptious goodness!

    Lovely, truly.

  8. Oh, bless the children for preventing road rage.

    She's too, too cute!

    And I love that playground photo in your header!

  9. I'm so glad you kept your blog and are writing more. You're so good at it. Keep going!!

  10. It is lovely to be stuck in traffic with a happy child. Because when you're stuck with an unhappy one? Twenty minutes and seem like 20 years! ;)

  11. ... from the mouths of babes ...
    Too cute !

  12. Lots of sensory detail... I particularly liked: 'The skyscrapers smudged on the painted sky in the distance slowly become crisper.'

  13. Just wanted to say hi!!! I haven't left you any comment love in a while even though I'm still a faithful reader! I cannot believe how big Lovie is! She is such a beautiful girl!!! That hair! Those eyes! And that smile! Precious!! Hope all is well in Chicago!

  14. Bull bus :) Too cute. Maybe if I think about this as I get stuck behind one, my road rage will simmer.


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