October 12, 2011

PYHO: I hate phones

I've never been a fan of the phone. I'm not sure if it's that I've always been the listener and have gotten myself into some ridiculously long conversations in the past or what, but I've never enjoyed talking on the phone.

And now with cell phones, it's no exception.

In fact, my hatred may have actually grown. Especially now that I have a child.

I realize this may offend some people and well... whatever. It's my blog, my opinions, my time to pour my heart out on the subject: I'm so incredibly sick and tired of seeing caretakers of children with their phones glued to their ears or their eyes and fingers glued to the screen and minuscule keyboard of the cell phone- while their child(ren) is in their presence.

I'm sick of seeing a parent/caretaker talking on their gd cell phones when they drop their kid off or pick them up from school. Is the call that mofo important that you can't wait 2 minutes to give your child some undivided attention?!  I see this at least once or twice every single day when I drop off and/or pick up Lovie. Hell, just a little bit ago this woman left her car running as she jabbered on the phone while walking into daycare with a girl, about 4, trailing behind her looking lost and confused. Really? You can't put the phone down for two minutes to tell the child that you love them and will see them later?!

And don't even get me started about people in their mofo cars talking- or better yet, TEXTING- while driving with their kids in the back seat. It's one thing if you're gonna do that shit to yourself, but when you risk your child's life like that SO YOU CAN FUCKING TEXT MESSAGE?!



Am I judging these people who talk on their cell phones, who text message in the presence of their child. YOU BETCHA I AM.

Something tells me that it's not an emergency when the person is calmly talking on the phone while the kid is aimlessly walking behind them.

Something tells me it's not an emergency when there's an eruption of laughter coming from the bench mom sits on, with phone up to ear, while Lucy bullies my kid while we play at the park.

Something tells me TEXTING WHILE DRIVING isn't a necessity.

I have a cell phone. If I forget it, I generally will go back home to get it. I think they are awesome to have because you just never know. The idea of driving to and from anywhere without one causes me to panic a bit. Not because it's glued to my fucking ear all the time or because my thumbs hurt from texting, but because you just never know when/if an emergency arises.

So I guess it's not the phones I hate so much as its indulgent users.


  1. I'm with you. I try to only use my phone when PJ is watching a movie or whatnot. I never use it when they are in the car with me unless it's necessary.

  2. I agree. I have a real problem with people that ignore their kids while they live on their phone.

  3. I hear you! I always want mine with me for emergencies, like you, but can't stand the constant need for talking and texting! Kids deserve us to be in the moment with them sometimes!

  4. Our kids should be our number one priority and they're only little once. We won't get that time back... take advantage of it while you can. The phone will understand.

  5. I'm not a fan of talking on the phone.

    Though around here(mostly military) the thought is that it's a call from someone who is deployed, so they take the calls when they can.

    But, I also think that is used as an excuse and more often than not, it's a call from someone else.

    One of my boys usually plays with my phone while I drive so I'm not tempted to check it!

  6. I agree with you. I think people will always try to find distractions from the daily tedium that can be life with small children, but the phones are now all too easy to grab. I know I struggle not to when we've played the same game for the hundredth time or the boys are playing quietly by themselves and don't seem to need me.

    I was that mom in the park once, trying to tell funny stories to cheer up my crying sister, and I could just feel the glares on me from the other parents. But my nephew is fighting cancer, and I will take my sister's calls anywhere and everywhere I can. So now when I'm feeling judgy about it (which I still do when I see people ignoring their kids while one their phones!), I try to imagine that they're talking to someone who's having a hard day. It keeps me from glaring at them. ; )

  7. I see that all the time too. ALL the time, at school pick-ups and playgrounds. Moms texting or chatting on their cell phones and ignoring their kids. It's everywhere and it makes me sad.


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