October 20, 2011

Tick tock!

It’s 43 degrees right now; it’s cold, it’s gray and rainy, it’s autumn. And it’s a fantastic reminder that the holiday season is fast approaching. What better time to start thinking about what holiday cards to send?
Last Christmas, we sent out photo cards from Shutterfly and I’m sure we’ll be doing the same again this year- especially after the excellent experiences I’ve had with Shutterfly since first ordering (Lovie’s birth announcments) through them.  
They have such a vast variety of holiday cards to choose from and offer up a lot of customizing, too. Here’s a few of my favorites this year:

(I tend to like the more simple and flat cards because I think they’re easier to spot Lovie’s cute face on amidst an array of other cards, and they’re easy to pop onto the wall or fridge.)

In addition to holiday cards, Shutterfly also has some pretty neat calendars and other gifts that family is sure to treasure.

Tick tock, people. Halloween is in 11 days, Thanksgiving is in a little more than a month, and Christmas… will be here before you know it!!

Are you a blogger interested in getting 25 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly? Then click here.

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  1. Oh man dude this is so funny! JUST this morning I got a groupon offer email for shutterfly and was like hey! I think Christina posted something last year about free cards from them for bloggers! How do I get in on that?

    Then I read this. :)



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