October 28, 2011

School Pictures

I shared this the other day on my Facebook page, but I think I'll share here, too, because I'm not feeling very wordy today.

Can you believe these were taken only one year apart?

I mean it's like she went from baby to this little kid! It's really crazy, to me, to see this side by side. It really makes it all sink in, you know? Wow. And boy was I so happy when I saw this year's pictures. I was sure I was gonna get a repeat from last year- my kid is not a fan of "cheese" smiles, especially when she doesn't know the person. But I guess one of her teachers worked really hard to get this face. I owe her big, that reminds me.

Tomorrow my munchkin will be 22 months old- 2 months from turning 2. WOW!


Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!


  1. I almost just fell out of my chair from the cuteness. This year's picture is so sweet...I can't stand it! Love that face!

  2. Your lovely almost 2 year old munchkin is the picture of sweetness! There's a wise look about her ....

  3. Isn't it amazing how much they change in just a year? I always say that they go to bed one night a little baby and wake up the next day a kid. She is so pretty, and this year's picture is awesome! Love that cute little smile!


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