October 13, 2011

for the love of all that is, just get up off your ass and quit being so lazy!

A list of ten things you should never ask your spouse.
My husband is a funny, sarcastic, intelligent man. He's articulate, has a kind smile, and is the most patient person I've ever encountered. I love him, but there are moments... days... hell, sometimes weeks at a time when he drives me absolutely batty.

But god forbid I ever ask him to do something about some of the things that drive me batty:

1.  Gather the garbage when it's full instead of waiting till I get upset because it's all overflowing and other garbage lays on top of the garbage bin that will no longer close.

2.  Clean as you cook instead of waiting till your gourmet meal (his meals are always awesome) is complete. That way you don't leave an absolutely disgusting kitchen behind. Disgusting. Chef Ramsey would have a field day in our kitchen during or right after my husband cooks.

3.  See a chick flick with me. Just once.

4.  See ANY movie that you don't get a good vibe about or that doesn't get good Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

5.  Wake up, just once, when Lovie wakes and get her up for the day. Just once.

6.  Come to bed before the next day.  This one I'm used to be it still saddens me that we never go to bed at the same time.

7.  If she hadn't stopped doing her show, go see Oprah. Heh, this one is a joke because we've actually been to a taping of her show and he was not happy with me. He was one of like three men in the audience and man was it a boring show- about the chick from Growing Pains getting a DUI.

8.  Buy a used car.

9.  Take public transportation. He's a city boy and walked, took the bus and/or train everywhere until he got his license and bought his first car at ... 25! So he's done with buses and/or trains.

10. Go to the doctor so you can quit snoring and attacking your face at night and waking me up.


  1. That's a wonderful list but I think those are all things you SHOULD tell him!

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. hehe, thanks pegbur; trust me when i say i've told him ALL of this before but it's kinda pointless at this point to keep on telling him...

  3. I think half of these are things about ME that drive my HUSBAND batty. Doh! Maybe I'll try to do better :) Stopping form Mama Kat's!

  4. I love Chef Ramsay.

    Okay, not the point of your post. Those damn husbands of ours.

  5. Are these all the same between husbands? Must be...

  6. ha! i could have written this myself except the cooking with all the dishes would sit for 3 days...

  7. Truisms that apply to all men. Especially the garbage bit. Hubs, who really is a saint of a man, waits for the garbage to be chock full, then he'll take the bag to the garage... not to the dumpster. What?

  8. I didn't know the chick from Growing Pains got a DUI - I feel so informed!

  9. I think I am going to borrow your list and share with my hubby. Especially #6. It's been a real drain on our couple time.

  10. Now that is a list! Great job on the prompt and it is nice to see that men are pretty much the same across the board ;)


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