October 14, 2011

more Daria

When she asked Judd, the tattoo guy, how bad it hurt, he said nothing. Instead, snatching her hand, he stabbed the palm of it with his tattoo gun, leaving one small black dot, which would remain there forever.

Daria was mortified over what Judd had done- especially since the fucking thing did hurt. She was nervous, scared. Now more so than when first arriving at the tattoo party. But the room was closing in around her; they were all huddled together in little groups drinking, laughing, smoking. And who knew where her mom was. Daria really had no choice but to stay seated in that chair and get the tattoo.

Judd couldn’t finish the damn thing soon enough- the fucker hurt.

Just as Judd was on the last link of the chain making its way around Daria’s right ankle, her mom finally reappeared, wearing a proud smile as she looked down at her 16 year old daughter’s new ink. She thanked Judd and asked Daria to do the same and when she did, Judd crooned, “Well you know I need some kind of payment.”

Daria was certain she would vomit. She was still a virgin- hadn’t even really kissed a guy up to this point. There was no way she could have sex with this drunk vile of a man. Oh fuck, he wants to suck my mom’s titties, she thought to herself as he watched them smiling at one another.  “Oh Judd,” Daria’s mom cooed. “What can we do for you?”

He smiled, revealing a missing a gap in his front teeth. Saying nothing, he brought a finger to his cheek and tapped it, turning the cheek toward the young girl.

Daria swallowed the vomit burning her throat, stood up and quickly pecked his cheek. “Thanks,” she said.

This week we asked you to write a piece – fiction or creative non-fiction – in which a tattoo figures prominently.
We wanted you to explore the many facets of tattoos: why someone would get them, what the meaning was, what the tattoo says about them.
Word limit was 300.

Comments: I decided to do some more with Daria. I kinda dig her.


  1. oh the vomit crept up for sure!

  2. Eew! The guy was nasty, the mom was even worse. Poor Daria!!

  3. Aak! This poor girl!

    Should I say it again?



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