October 31, 2011

Spooktacular-icle Listicle

H a l l o w e e n  is...

       1.       Candy
2.       Scary movies like the original Halloween
3.       Kit Kat bars
4.       Creepy music like from the likes of The Shining, etc.
5.       Bubblegum
6.       Orange and black and purple and green
7.       Snickers bars
8.       Witches, ghosts, pumpkins
9.       Full size candy bars!!
10.  My little Monchichi


  1. Is Lovie not the cutest? Happy Halloween and I'm not touching the scary movies. Not.a.fan.of.those!!

  2. Yes and Amen! Halloween is all of those things. And your little one...simply adorable! Happy Halloween!

  3. outside of the old scary movies, i can't watch them either. they're
    too scary to me these days. eek! ;)

    glad you like my Lovie-chichi. :D

  4. OMG that costume is beyond adorable! I love it! Happy Halloween!

  5. AWW...Lovie is adorable!!!
    I love full size candy bars....noticed how tiny they make them these days though...ugh!

  6. The cutest little Monchichi ever. I had one growing up :) And candy, lots of candy!! Have a happy one.

  7. Mmm kit kate are my faces and that costume? Pure adorable!

  8. Aw, what a cute Monchichi. I cannot do horror movies. I'll have sleepless nights for weeks! Hope you had a great Halloween! :)

  9. Monchichi and Jack Nicholson do NOT mix, she is WAY cuter than him. (-:

  10. Have you tried the white chocolate Kit Kat bars yet?? Sooooo yummy! :)


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