October 12, 2011


This is NOT a sponsored post. This company doesn't know I even exist. I'm writing this purely because I want to. All opinions, all images are mine.

I've fallen in love with canvas prints of my Loviebug. And I blame it all on a company called Winkflash. You see, when I first heard about them, they were offering a free 8x10 canvas. I just had to pay for S&H. (I have no clue if they still have this offer as it's been a year.) If you know anything about me, you know I'm as cheap as they come. So I snagged up that offer and got an image of the three of us taken the day after Lovie was born.

I was super happy with the way it looked, but thought it was sooo small. Too small. It was too good of a picture to be kept that small. So a couple months later when Winkflash was offering a great offer on their canvases, I took them up on it and ordered a 12x18 canvas of an image from Lovie's one year photos.

The canvas looks small in this picture above since it's placed between the two windows, I admit, but it's a GREAT canvas. The image on it is absolutely spot on. The hubs was worried about doing it black and white, but even the snob he was happy with the result. (If you look super duper close, you can see the free 8x10 in the right corner of the window on the right- I stupidly forget to get a closer shot.)

I was so happy with the result of that 12x18, I waited ever so patiently for Winkflash to offer another steal deal on their canvases (thanks to liking them on Facebook and Twitter, it's super easy to keep up with their offers) to snag up another 12x18... and the result of this one...

took my breath away the same way it did when I originally saw the image months prior.

It's placed on that wall specifically in that location so that wherever you are in the house, you can see it. If I'm in the kitchen, one of the bedrooms or bathrooms, I just pop my head into the hallway and look down toward the living room and there it is.

I can't even tell you the number of comments I've gotten on that canvas. I'm so proud of it. :) And of course, it left me wanting more canvas prints. But, let's be honest, they aren't exactly cheap. Even if you wait for a good deal- and believe me, Winkflash offers up some amazing deals nearly every single day!

So I decided to be picky about what to get onto canvas. But I wanted to get something up on the one wall opposite those two small windows, next to the dining room table. It's been blank since we moved in and while I'm a minimalist, I have a gorgeous girl to show off so I made a recent purchase of a 12x18 and two 12x12 canvases and the result is... well, see for yourself:

Please excuse the clutter in all the photos- and the cat tree. Also, I can assure you that the canvas prints come out very crisp- I just took the photos of them head on with a flash so it doesn't look so crisp.

This is NOT a sponsored post. This company doesn't know I even exist. I'm writing this purely because I want to. All opinions, all images are mine.


  1. Those are beautiful Christina. When I have a bigger house with more wall space, I might just do that. :)


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