October 3, 2011

a Quote-tasticle Listicle!

I love quotes, but I have a shit memory so there are only two that I remember when asked: One is from a movie (see below) and the other is from my grandfather who'd always ask how things were when he'd see you and wait for your response before saying, "Everything is new; today is a new day!"  Boy do I miss that man.

So for this listicle, I took to Pinterest. Gotta love the Pinterest. (click on each image/quote to link back to Pinterest where these all came from)

10 Quotes to remember (in no particular order):

"Demented and sad, but social." Said by the "criminal" in one of my all time favorite movies, The Breakfast Club. Boy did I love me some Bender.

I freaking LOVE this one. It's exactly how I feel and it's exactly why I make sure to share my adoration to Lovie as much as humanly possible.

I never heard/saw this one until after I had Lovie... and boy is it true.

I saw this one just before turning 39... perfect timing to see it and a nice little accurate reminder, eh?

Beautiful and true.

This is something I learned a long time ago... and it's something I don't think many people truly grasp, sadly. I pray my Lovie grows to understand and appreciate this.

I just saw this the other day and... wow, it's pretty deep, no?

Ha, they all can't be deep and profound.

yeah, can't even say how long I've been thinking this way. Such a shame.

What are some of your favorite or memorable or worthy quotes?


  1. "to the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world." My favorite quote of all time.

    And the heart walking outside your body? Heard it years ago, and have never, ever experienced anything truer.

  2. YES!! i love that one, Lisa!! but see, i didn't remember it. shit for brains is me. :(

  3. These are beautiful. And the last one, I was just thinking that yesterday!

  4. Haha!! Awesome quotes!! We share the stupid people one, so true isn't it?? I love the Oprah quote too, I've never heard that one of hers.
    Great list :)

  5. Great quotes - I might have to play too :)

  6. Love all the quotes, especially about wearing your heart on the outside...so true so true...
    I posted about foodies quotes but will share a non foodie one following along your quote about stupid people...."stupid is as stupid does" don't know who said it first but it makes since lol

  7. Okay, wow, this is my favorite list yet. Every quote was amaaaaazing - especially that one about cherishing the blessing of getting to age - talk about an attitude adjustment!
    I LOVED "life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful" - great reminder. And my fave was how children won't remember the material things you gave them, just the feeling that you cherished them. I fretted over what to get my daughter for her 10th bday today (pogo stick) - and that quote just reminded me totally that in 10 years that pogo stick won't be in her life but the ten thousand birthday kisses and giggles we shared with her today sure will...

  8. Great list - some funny ones in there! Love the one about not regretting growing older - I'm at "that age" too, so it's a good reminder for me! Thanks!

  9. Good list.

    One of my favorites is "the best thing you can spend on a child is your time."

  10. Love these, especially the one about having a child is having your heart walk around outside your body. My oldest son recently had an accident that required emergency surgery. It was intense and scary. That quote kept playing in my head.

  11. What a great collection! I love them all and can certainly use them for the different stages in my life! :)


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