October 24, 2011

New Mom Tips-icle Listicle

Ten Tips for New Moms

The beginning is hard. Don't try fooling yourself. It doesn't matter how many books you've read or babies you've held, the early days (weeks, maybe even months) of being a brand new mom is hard. And it's OK if you, too, cry because it will get easier. Promise!

The pacifier is not the devil. You may read that it's best not to confuse baby if you're breastfeeding or that it's best not to start a bad habit by giving the pacifier, but babies are used to sucking. That's what they know. That's how the live in the beginning. So give them a pacifier if they seem to want one, if they've been fed, changed, burped and are still unhappy.

Breast isn't always best if they don't work or if you just don't want to breastfeed. There are tricks to get your milk flowing, but sometimes no matter how hard you try, milk doesn't always produce to the liking of feeding your baby. And feeding your baby is what is important- not that it's done by breast or bottle. Also, bottle feeding a baby CAN be just as beautiful and bonding as breastfeeding. You can still hold your baby the same way you would when breastfeeding and looking into her eyes the same way. Trust me.

Zippered one piece sleep n plays are da bomb. Newborn babies don't need fancy clothes, just something to keep them warm. Sleep n plays are awesome but generally come with snaps which are better than buttons but when you're dealing with a squirmy little guy, a zipper is quick and easy.

Hold baby as much as you want- and then some. Don't be fooled by some folk who may say you're spoiling your baby by holding them. No you're not. You're nurturing your baby. You can't spoil a newborn. And so what if the baby stops crying when you hold him? That's a good thing! That means you're comforting him. If baby is unhappy and he's fed, changed, burped... why not hold him a little longer? It may seem like you've been holding him all day, but there will come a time when he wants little to do with you. Enjoy holding him now!

Swaddling is awesome. Your baby is used to being in tight, warm quarters. Why not try recreating that when he's on the outside? Learn to swaddle. It can really help baby sleep. And the Miracle Blanket is worth every penny!

White noise is life changing.  Baby is also used to lots of noise- non stop noise, really. Get a machine that plays white noise or run a fan when baby sleeps. It will help her sleep and keep out other distracting noises.

Accept help. This is normally the first piece of advice I give when asked. Don't be too proud to accept help if it's offered. And if it's not offered, don't be afraid to ask for help. Even if it's that someone come over to hold baby while you shower and rest for 1/2 an hour. Ask for and/or accept help.

Hold baby some more. She'll be 16 before you know it, I promise. Take advantage of her itty bittyness NOW.

Nap when you can. This is one that everyone says, but it's the flippin truth.

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  1. This is perfect advice for new moms! All ten are great...but I especially like napping when you can.

  2. Cannot agree more on the pacifiers. Neither of my kids liked being swaddled, but I digress. :)

  3. Aw, that last picture is so sweet! And I agree. Good advice!

  4. I love your honesty and straight forward advice. Great tip-icle!

  5. Napping, the Paci, & swaddling, the only way I got through newbornhood!

  6. The beginning is hard, but then so is the middle and the grown up years...it's all hard lol but it is sooo worth it. I totally agree hold them and hold them some more and when they get big and they don't want you to hold them, hug them anyways!

  7. Great advice! I do NOT think that pacifiers are the devil either...they were a lifesaver for me :)

  8. ah forehead naps... just the heavy breath of a sleeping baby - there is nothing like it in the world!

  9. Oh the pacie was a lifesaver for us with our first! I cried when my second wouldn't take one. Great List! :^)

    Visiting from Listicles.

  10. Naps? What are those? 9 weeks today and I think I've had 2 since we got home from the hospital!

    :) on the pacifier

  11. That's a very cute napping photo.
    Great tips, I am a huge proponent of breastfeeding so I always think moms should try as best they can to go that route - but you're right, if it doesn't work out the bottle can work just fine.

  12. Such a sweet list! My son lived in onsies. PJs day and night! We swaddled for many months too.

  13. The one about the sleepers is so true. All those fancy clothes for 0-3 months were barely worn.


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