October 14, 2011

"A picture is a poem without words."

When I was in like 8th grade or so, I finally went to the Art Institute and fell in love with a painting by Pablo Picasso called The Old Guitarist.

Now, when I say I "fell in love with a painting", I mean it. I couldn't get the image out of my head, couldn't shake the feelings I got when I saw it or thought of it. I mean look at it and tell me it's not... intriguing, sad, hypnotizing, etc, etc.

Now, as a mom, I'm submerged in art. *smile*

And the older she gets, the more of it I get. And I freaking love it. Love it. But it's definitely a different kind of love than Picasso's masterpiece. After all these were made by my Lovie (with the help of her teachers).

Some just collected this week:

Both include hand prints. *LOVE*

Then there's the random coloring in the lines (uh huh):

Or the finger paintings. *LOVE*

And then, every so often, I get something like this and I'm all, "It's soo pretty." But what the hell is it?!?

Any guesses?

Maybe it should be turned?!? I honestly haven't a clue other than maybe it's supposed to be stars at night?!? It's white smudge of paint on black paper and in the center is some random gold glitter. (I plan on asking when I pick her up from school since I got it this morning on my way out... but I'd LOVE to hear your guesses!)

And let me know if you post any of your kids' creations; I'd love to see!

Oh and the first person who can tell me who the quote belongs to in this title gets... the satisfaction of being the first person to guess correctly. ;D

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  1. It's a tractor - at least it would be in Boy world.


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