October 5, 2010

Playing hookie

Lovie had her 9 month checkup yesterday and she's looking great, thankfully.

weight is 50 percentile- average: 19.3 pounds
height is 75th percentile- long still: 28.5 inches!!
head is 75th percentile, too: 44.5cm

She's crawling, pulling up to stand, cruising like mad, standing without holding onto stuff, pushing a toy and walking with it, thinking about walking (I swear I can see her mind thinking about just going for it at times); she's eating table food and pretty much ditched the baby food; she's wearing 12 month and 12-18 month clothes (her feet are still very tiny though); she drinks water from sippy cup like a pro...

Blah Blah my kid is awesome blah blah.
After the appointment, we went to the pumpkin farm because it was beautiful out and a weekday (both the hubs and I take off when she has her appointments- it does a family good to spend a day during the workweek together occasionally).

I didn't want to ruin the pictures with my "watermark" so I made them smaller- regardless, do NOT steal, please. I took the last one with my cellphone believe it or not.

God I love Fall. Crisp air, vivid colors, and snuggling with my Lovie.


  1. Those are soo cute! That is sooo funny we were at Goebbert's Sunday!

  2. Oh how I love pumpkin patch pictures!! We're trying to find a good one to take Pie to.

    We both go to all of her appointments too...makes it easier on us all.


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