October 8, 2010

About Last Night- G rated

Last night was great. Lovie was ass tired, as usual, when I picked her up from a hard day at school. :) She fell asleep as soon as we got in the car and woke up when we got home. Like she does every day. Since she just had a snack and a bottle before leaving school, I tried to let her nap a little longer than the hour she had done all day.

She wasn't having any of it. YAY!! I love it when she refuses to nap when we get home because that means we actually get to PLAY!

And play we did.

I changed into shorts and was sitting in the chair in her room and she thought it would be funny to slap my naked knee. I could see this grin creeping over her face so all of a sudden, I started to slap my knee, too- copying what she was doing. Boy did find this hilarious and started cracking up! Good times, I tell ya! Good times! We did this for a good 15 minutes.

After about 45 minutes of playing in her room, I scooped her up and off to the kitchen we went- where I placed her into the high chair so she could have some dinner (peas and crackers). And then we went to play for a bit in the play room.

This is where she started to dance to the her activity table- WITHOUT LEANING ON ANYTHING. I didn't have my camera so I couldn't catch it on film, but I sat there with my jaw on the floor as she danced and danced to her activity table, holding a set of plastic keys in one hand and nothing in the other. She danced with all her weight on her legs and feet and I nearly cried. My big girl.

Before making our way back to her bedroom to start winding down for bed, I wanted to see if she would push her little push toy so I would place her behind it, standing up, and I walked backwards making the toy move. And my itty bitty Lovie walked right along with the movement of the toy with a big ole grin on her face.

We did this over and over again for about 20 minutes! I was completely out of breath, but I did manage to catch it on video to show my husband (and the world).

And the excitement didn't end there, folks. Nope!

It was nearing her bedtime and because we had so much fun, I thought I should read a couple more books than the normal Goodnight Moon to get relaxed. I started to read Guess How Much I Love You with Lovie on my lap, but she quickly made her way off and down onto the floor. I continued reading. She crawled to the bookshelf and looked at it and picked up one of my favorite books that I actually bought the day we found Lovie would be a girl: I Love You So...

Lovie held it in her hands and looked at me as I finished up reading the other book. She put it in her mouth and looked at me. I asked her if she wanted me to read that book and gently took it out of her hands, scooped her back up and placed her on me and I read the entire book with Lovie laying on me.

So to recap:
  • Lovie and I laughed and she slapped my leg
  • Lovie danced without leaning on anything
  • Lovie walked with her push toy
  • Lovie "asked" me to read her a book

Does it really get better than this??


sorry about all the links but videos really slow down my page... don't worry, though, here's a pic of my Lovie:


  1. Wow, what a big afternoon. I can't believe she was dancing without holding on to anything. OMG!!!!

  2. That sounds like the PERFECT day...I'm a little teary about what a big girl Lovie is becoming because I know Pie's not far behind!

  3. Love your blog. Following you from blog hop

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  4. OMG. I am so so happy for you. It's so awesome that you got to just chill and play and fart around on a WEEKNIGHT! YAAAY!

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog! What a beautiful Lovie you have and what a sweet blog about her. I can definitely feel the love.

    Have a great weekend,


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