October 28, 2010

Secret Thursday: food

Nothing too juicy today and maybe not all that secretive, but I'll still share cuz I'm nice like that. Today's edition is related to food. Baby food. Of course. Duh.

1) Lovie adores bananas. But now that she refuses being fed and must self feed only, she doesn't get to enjoy bananas too much because they're slippery and she's like her momma in that when she wants something she wants it NOW and doesn't want to wait twenty minutes (or one) to figure out how to pick up the piece of banana (and at 10 months- TOMORROW OMG!- she can't peel a banana and eat that way of course) and get it into her mouth without it slipping out of her hands or smooshing it.

She also loves her cheerios.

So how does a working mom with little culinary ability get her baby doll to enjoy bananas again? GRIND UP CHEERIOS, DUMP THEM IN A BAGGIE, ADD BABY BITE SIZE PIECES OF BANANA, SHAKE, AND SERVE! It's really that easy. And she's up to eating 1/2 a banana these days this way. Go sweet Lovie!

2) Now that Lovie is, again, only wanting to self feed, what the hell do I do with all the containers of store bought (for shame) baby food in the cabinet? BOIL SOME WHEAT PASTA AND USE THE BABY FOOD AS A SAUCE!! Bingo!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Do you have any secrets to share?

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