October 13, 2010

I couldn't help it.

I know today is Wordless Wednesday and I thoroughly enjoy Wordless Wednesdsay in bloggersville but today I won't be participating.  Not only don't I have any new pics to post but I've got bigger news to share.

See they (daycare) finally moved Lovie's crib (end of last week) to the back of the room and she's since been napping twice a day. That, in addition to the 45-60 min nap she takes in the car on the way home, means Lovie and I get to PLAY when we get home because she isn't ass tired!

Oh man have we been having so much stinkin fun- I can't even say!

Sure I could be washing dishes, cleaning the floor, folding (or doing) laundry, etc, but those 2 hours from the time we get home till Lovie's bedtime go by in a flash so why not play, play, play?  We laugh and giggle, wrestle and hug, dance and sing.  I have a big ole grin on my face right now just thinking about the fun we have!

Well last night something happened... something that made me well up with tears in my eyes. I couldn't help it.

Lovie was playing with her activity table- pressing the things to make music and dancing and singing.  Then she came over to me and we hugged and danced. I was sitting on the floor against the wall, she was standing- making us eye level. She turned around to go back toward the activity table which was maybe three baby steps away. Instead of dropping and crawling, she went for it:


I didn't even really realize what was happening until it was done because it happened so fast. My hands were right there ready to catch her the whole time, but they didn't need to do anything as Lovie moved one foot forward, then the other, then lunged toward the activity table and pressed a button and danced.

"Yaaaaaaaaaay!!" I proclaimed and clapped.  And then, just like right now, I welled up and cried.

I couldn't help it. And I can't right now.

I'm so proud of her- I can't even convey it really. But... wow. My baby doll took her first steps.  (Holy hell, I just had to wipe my eyes just now, too!)

I'll have to institutionalized when she starts school at the rate I'm going.


  1. Congrats on the steps, and the wide awake lovie! I also have only 3 hours wiht Jack when I get home and we do the same, play play play. It goes by way too fast.

  2. Oh mama, that's awesome! I'm so happy Lovie is napping better and you're getting time with her before bed!!

    And her first steps?! Holy cow! Go Lovie!!

    Pie just started pulling up this weekend and that made me cry too :)

  3. OMG!!! Way to go, Lovie!!!!! OMG!!!

  4. Yahoo!!! It's probably that she's so well rested so she can get going!

    That girl is just awesome.

  5. How exciting!!!!!!!! She'll be walking in no time!!!

  6. Way to go Lovie! That is awesome! And you are so funny. I think I may have met someone who is more emotional than I am. :-) I didn't even know that was possible. There is nothing wrong with being ridiculously proud of your baby...so if crying is what you have to do to express that, so be it. Now get us some video! :-)

  7. Hi there: stopped over b/c I know just what you meant by your blog name, finally MOM.

    Same here, finally married at 35, finally a mom at 36.


    Sigh...says it all.

    Nice to meet you!


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