October 7, 2010

secret, secret, i got a secret! *

Okay so it's not that good of a secret so don't get all excited.  It's just something I thought of and did on my own without hearing about it from a message board or friends, and something that I've kept to myself for some stupid reason. And it's something that I don't think many people would even think to do unless they happen to be moving or purging or something.

WTF is it?!?

Well, here's a picture of it:

Haha, I'm sure you're just rolling your eyes- if you're even still reading.

Yeah so it's a storage tote you can pick up from Target or Home Depot, etc. Sometimes you can get them on sale (which is the only time I buy them), but they're great for storing things. Anything: Clothes, pots and pans, books, toys, whatever. Right? Hell, I've even heard people turning them into litter boxes for their cats. Point is they're very useful!

That's not my secret though. My secret is ... why not place one in the center of your infant's room and use it as a table of sorts? You can store toys in it if you want, too. Or Christmas stuff. Or whatever.

My point is that Lovie loves the storage tote we've left in her room (we just moved end of August and well, it's taking us quite some time to unpack and set up and crap). She plays with it every single time she's playing in her room (I will get pics some day). She uses it pull her self up to stand (great idea, no??) and bangs toys on it. Or her hands. She loves making noises and this allows that. She also loves walking around it, etc. And there aren't any sharp corners in case she gets a little crazy and lets go of it while standing (which she's been doing lately!), possibly resulting in her forehead or chin kissing the tote (fortunately this hasn't happened).

I'm telling you it's one of the best things we've discovered in a long time.  And all for like $5.

Whodathunk, right?

So now that I've shared my secret, I want to hear one of yours. What's something goofy, cheap, off-the-wall, etc that you've discovered that you've been keeping to yourself to make you think you're the most awesomest, most brilliant person ever to walk the earth? : )

* and an extra 5 points if you tell me where today's title originates from! (but don't ask me what you can do or get with those 5 points)


  1. That would be Mr. Roboto...

    Hmmm, well you saw the red plastic cup yesterday. Those are everywhere, especially in the tub. Pie's favorite homemade toy is an empty pill bottle (washed out of course) filled with dry pasta. She shakes that thing like it owes her money!

  2. I totally knew that was Mr. Roboto. But the 5 points go to the other sara, unless you're handing out meaningless points to everyone, but on the honor system because everybody now knows that "secret" song lyric.

    Yes, I did just type a paragraph about points that i know damn well are non-existent.


    The most recent thing Ollie is into is a dog toy. There, I said it. http://www.amazon.com/Cardinal-Laboratories-Bumble-Various-Colors/dp/B0002H3SCI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1286467252&sr=8-1

  3. darn it! i had the answer too for those meaningless five points!

    but that is a super good idea about the tupperware thing. most of the time the best toys arent real toys at all.


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