October 25, 2010

This, That, and the Other

The weekend flew by, no? Argh, me no likey when they go by lightening fast.

Saturday the babe and I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine. Since she's awesome with crowds and a very social, good baby, I figured why not take her along. And fortunately she was invited so it worked out well, I thought. The car ride there was pretty bad. It took over 20 minutes to drive ONE MILE to get to the farking expressway. And this is why I HATE living in the city. It's really not all that gosh darn glamorous when it takes longer to get somewhere by car than it would to walk. Argh.

By the time I was getting out of the city, Lovie started fussing. And it took all of two minutes before she started screaming. She was hungry. And while my Lovie is seriously a fantastically easy going child, when she's hungry you best look the fuck out. She's like her momma in that respect. *shrug*

I was able to keep the screaming to a minimum for about 10 minutes but just as I was getting off the 2nd expressway (yeah did I mention the shower was in Kentucky? ha, I kid), there was nothing more that could be done. Lovie wanted a bottle and she wanted it NOW- which was when traffic stopped, of course.

Construction. Yay me!

Fortunately it only took several minutes for traffic to start moving (I think they may have heard Lovie) and as everyone flew on down the road, I pulled over first chance I got and got that bottle in her mouth as quickly as I could.
As soon as Lovie finished her bottle, off we went to the shower where everyone oohed and aahed over her cuteness. I had in her in pigtails.

Ooooh!! Aaaaah!!

We stayed a couple hours. And I was exhausted by the time we left. Lovie ate up a storm- goldfish crackers, bread, chicken, pasta salad, and italian ice! And she wanted to open all the presents of course. And play with another friend's brand new baby. And then she stank like a big pile of poop so off we go to get her changed only to find that the place, which had three baby showers going on at the same time, didn't have a changing table (ironic much?). Fortunately the love bug was just wet. So we go back to the shower and she wants to open the gifts... and eat and play with the baby and sit in the baby's car seat... then she smelled BAD so off we went and holy hell was there a ton of poop... and she wouldn't lay still and I had to wrestle to hold her down and some other mom with her kid, Sophia, came and tried talking to Lovie to keep her still... we got through that and back to the shower and they opened my lame gifts (Seahorse and Baby 411) and we left and we get to the car and shhhh do you hear that??! LOVIE'S SLEEPING!! As soon as we got in the car she fell asleep, slept the whole way back (much quicker than getting there fortunately) and wanted to still nap when we got home.

I was starving by then since I couldn't eat much at the shower (which saddens me as I adore food- clearly!) because of someone who shall remained nameless. :D  And I kind of get this feeling that I'll be losing a lot of weight (I'm a fat fuck if you didn't know) soon because of this same someone.

Sunday we slept in. *laughs hysterically at the sarcasm*

After Lovie took a 2.5 hour nap, I dressed her up in her Halloween costume and we went to a local church that had a bunch of pumpkins gathered for some pics.

Can you guess what she'll be for Halloween? : )

We only stayed for a couple hundred pictures and came home. Lovie was rubbing her eyes and acting tired yet wouldn't nap. Instead, she decided to TAKE FOUR UNASSISTED STEPS for us.

Yeah, it won't be too long now. Wow, huh?

The Other:
I have no desire to have another baby and sometimes I feel like there's something wrong with me because of it. I really don't have a reason either. I adore my Lovie so much. I adore being a mom. I've waited so fucking long to be one and it's way more awesome than I ever imagined it would be... yet I have no desire to do so with another child.

What the fuck is wrong with me??

That mom I mentioned above with the new baby? Yeah that's her second babe- in less than two years. She has two kids under two and couldn't be happier. Yet the thought of that makes me cringe.

Earlier this morning some dude that works at the place I work, and whose wife had their first baby a couple months before I had Lovie, told me that his wife is knocked up again. And he's so happy. And when he told me, inside I was like, "Ew, why??!?" but instead I said, "That's so awesome for you guys. Congrats!!" And I do mean the congrats FOR THEM part.

For us though?? No thanks.

But why? 

It actually saddens me that I feel this way... like there's something wrong with me.


  1. I LOVE the halloween costume.
    So cute. And I know how you feel about traffic, I hate the city driving!!!
    AS for not wanting another, People feel that way, don't feel bad. I was that way before Jack, and now I would have 100 kids if I could. strange.

  2. Lovie's cuteness is just too much...her pigtails are beyond fantastic!!

    I've said it to you before, but I'll say it again. If you only want one. That's perfectly fine. NO reason to feel bad about it. It would be worse to have another that you didn't really want just because you felt you should. Plus this way you can spoil Lovie 100% :)

  3. Okay, couple things.

    1. The shower was in Southern Indiana, TYVM. Ali lives in Kentucky. ;-)

    2. I LOVE the seahorse and the shower gifts! They're great! Seriously. Not lame at all.

    3. Totally wouldn't have minded the little one's help with some of those gifts! I think the entire process would have been much more entertaining than just me holding up a bobby and some cute clothes, no?

  4. Oh hi, late comment. Just wanted to chime in to say there's NOTHING wrong with you. You know what you want, dude. That's a GOOD thing.

  5. There is NOTHING wrong with you. Having two kids is HARD, especially when you have them less than two years apart. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids more than anything in this world and I wouldn't go back and change anything if I could, but there are some days when I want to just curl up in a ball and cry. Maybe you just love your Lovie so much and want to give her ALL of your attention? :-)


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