October 14, 2010

Secret Thursday

Last week I shared a secret on Thursday. This week, I think I'll do the same. Wouldn't it be groovy if I could do it again next week, too? And then you do it on your blog and it will be a blogging revolution that we share secrets on Thursday. Or not.

So today's juice isn't really baby related, shockingly enough. Well not all of it, at least. Ready?

Secret #1:
I think I found my old grammar school crush. I'm about 99% sure it's him, in fact. On Facebook of course. Good old Facebook.

It's funny because I've "looked" for him and others (because there were just so many others, uh huh) in the past but it's hard to know if you've found the right person if it's been TWENTY-FIVE YEARS! Fortunately this one has a more unique name and is the only one on Facebook. Not sure what possessed me to even look for him, but I did and I found him and it just brought back so many memories...

his long black hair flowing in the wind
his teeth covered in metal that sparkled when he smiled
his tight jeans and heavy metal t-shirts
his walk (like a stick was up his ass- must've been the tight jeans)
the way he'd shake my chair in class (he sat behind me, would shake chair with feet)
the way he'd tap his pencil on the desk until I'd turn around and tell him to stop
the way I tried not thinking about him but it didn't work

Ah to be 13 and in 8th grade again.

NO FUCKING THANKS!! I hated my teen years. HATED. Wouldn't go back for anything.

Anyway a part of me wonders if he would remember me. I mean, we only went to 8th grade together (I transferred in) and that was that. Like I said, it's been 25 years. A part of me would love to "friend" him and ask but I won't do it... I just don't think it's fair to my husband even though nothing ever happened between us. Plus it would be weird. I mean, it's already weird considering I'm BLOGGING ABOUT IT!


Secret #2:
Meijer, the grocery store, sells baby shoes!! They sell a lot of shit but they sell baby clothes, too. And SHOES. Baby shoes! At the Meijer (cheap!) price!

If you know anything about me, you know I'm cheap (I should put that in my About Me, huh?). And it pains me to spend lots of money on Lovie's clothes and shoes. I have no qualms with buying used- especially when it comes to baby clothes/shoes. Why not? I mean, how often do wee ones wear their clothes before outgrowing??

My biggest problem is shoes, though. It's so hard to find Lovie shoes because a) I'm cheap and b) her feet are TINY. Ugh. But I saw these cute mocs on this adorable baby in another blog and have been searching (because I was too timid to ask) for them to no avail. Well said blogger posted today about them! And I just bought two pair! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can't wait till they come!

But. That's not at all my secret. My secret is that I found a pair of furry boots (not mocs but still furry and fucking cute!) at MEIJER of all places for ... $7.99.  Did I buy them?  Well, no - but only because I just spent $50 on two pair of mocs earlier.  We'll see what happens when they come- if I don't like, I'll return and get the cheapass boot things from Meijer for $8!!

Why didn't I know that MEIJER had baby shoes and shit? Well, now I do. And now you do, too!

So do YOU have secrets to share with the class this week??

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  1. You should friend him! I would assume that by you blogging about this that your husband isn't the type that would be jealous of a crush you had on someone when you were 13, right? You don't seem like the shy type either. So go for it...see if he remembers you. :-D

    I hated my teen years too! No way in hell would I want to go back there.

    Have a great weekend!


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