September 8, 2011

Spent my birthday in the ER.

It all started back in August when I started to get these wicked headaches after my period had already started. Every day the headaches got worse and more intense. Then, several days after the start of that, I started to get these chills and a fever before bed, which turned into night sweats. That was on August 28th, the night the hubs went out of town for a full week.
Every single day since then I've had a fever, I've had a headache, I've been overcome with complete and utter exhaustion.

Every single day and night. But no other real symptoms.

I went to the doctor last week. Things didn't get better so I returned on my birthday and he sent me to the ER. I cried. I was just so tired and so scared.

I was in the ER for nearly 6 hours. They took blood, x-rays and were real nice. Finally before my release the doctor decided to forgo the spinal tap to absolutely rule out meningitis since he figured I'd be in much worse shape than I was and sent me home with the probable diagnosis of mono.

The kissing disease.

I just turned 39.

95% of people by 35 won't get mono because they've already had it in some way before.

They prescribed some pain meds for the headaches, told me if things got worse, if I started to feel ANY pain on my right side, that I need to go back to ER otherwise check back in with my doc in 2-4 days.

I've never been so tired in all my life.

The energy it's taken to write this post is ridiculous.

I miss playing with my baby girl. That's the hardest about all of this I think.

But as long as I keep on keeping on, one day I'll get healthier and will be able to play with her again.

And maybe then I can celebrate my birthday.


  1. Oh dear, poor you! I hope you get better real soon. Do you have any help at home?

  2. Happy {belated} Birthday! I'm so sad to hear you spent it in the ER and how bad you have been feeling. :-( I hope you start to feel better soon.

    I tested positive for EBV, but I don't think I have ever had full blown mono. I know it wipes you out, though.

  3. I've been worried about you - glad to have some news. I'm so sorry you're sick but also so thankful that it isn't meningitis! Get better!

  4. Holy crap! Mono?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I'm sorry you had such a shitty birthday. And I'm super sorry you haven't been up to playing with your girl. Hope you start feeling better REALLY soon.


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