September 12, 2011

The past several weeks

I'm still tired but overall am feeling better. What a draining couple of weeks. I mean, it really feels like months that I wasn't well, not weeks. Months. Especially when it comes to Lovie.

from sept 4

My lord do I miss that girl. Sure I saw her every day. Sure I spent time with her every day regardless how shittastic I was feeling, but having absolutely no energy really takes a toll on your mind when it comes to participating in the life of your babe. Especially when you're used to really enjoying an active role in her life. Know what I mean? 
the brooder ;)

all from Labor Day, sept 5
Sure we do a lot of lounging around during the week after we get home from work and school on most days, but we still have fun and laughs and tickle fests and chases. Not the past nearly three weeks, though. And man do I miss that. 

Instead, the past several weeks have been spent doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. And that really saddens me. Immensely.

proof of doing nothing- her playroom at its finest, eh. can you spot the LIVE animal in there? ;D

The weather, from what I can remember, was pretty perfect the past several weeks. Not a lot of humidity or hot, nasty, sweat your ass off weather (though I certainly was sweating plenty do to all the chills and fevers I was going through). Yet we were inside every single day. I hate that! I wanted to take Lovie to the park so many days but I couldn't even make it down the stairs, let alone down the 1/2 mile to the park. It was impossible for me. And when I begged (literally) my husband to do so, he just commented that she was happy at home.

from sept 10

Yeah, maybe she was happy at home. But I know she would've been happier swinging on the swings and going up and down the slides 723 times. I know because she's always happier there. And the weather was perfect and ... she didn't get to enjoy any of it.

But today I'm feeling better. I'm still tired as all get out but... as long as I can stay fever-free, we're going to the park every day this week. Well, except for today because, of course, today it's to be in the mid 80s and we don't do park visits when it's above 80.

I saw someone's "Annual Apple Picking" pictures on Facebook yesterday and thought Why are they posting these now? Then I looked at the little calendar in the corner of my screen and nearly shit a brick. How on earth is it mid-September (yes, I realize yesterday was 9/11; yes, I remembered- then and now)?!? It's my favorite time of year and I've missed so much of it already!

Well no more, damnit! NO MORE! It's time to start living again. And I can't wait!


  1. OMG, she is BEAUTIFUL! I mean, just strikingly gorgeous. I know, I know, that is not what matters. But, wow! :)

  2. She is so pretty! Love that radiant smile. Glad you're back and feeling better :)

  3. Glad you're feeling better and hope it continues. Must be the season - a nasty virus swept through our household and I've barely been around either.

    Lovie is so lovely :)

  4. I am so, so sorry you've been sick and home bound :( Here's to an active September and enough trips down the slide to make up for the missed trips in August.


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