September 15, 2011

We stopped off at the park again yesterday. It was like 60 degrees out (holla), cloudy, and it had rained at some point during the day as the slides had some water on them. To me, it was a perfect time to stop at the park- it was all ours.

Lovie immediately started doing her own thing. She's come quite a long way since we first started going to the parks earlier in the year when the weather started to cooperate. Back then, she basically just stood around surveying everything and everyone, and only got in a couple minutes of actual playtime as a result. Now, she just gets right to the playing. No hesitations. It's like a job for her now.

About 10 minutes after we were there, she came over to me (sitting on the bench) and asked to eat a snack. I dug out some goldfish crackers I keep on hand at all times (along with raisins, a fruit pouch, and a granola bar) and she chowed down for a bit. Then a white haired boy showed up with his mom who carried a notebook and pencil.

The boy started playing right away, the mom took a seat on a bench and started writing. Lovie took notice of all this and decided she was done eating and went over to join the boy. I watched on from my seat and smiled.

They weren't close enough for me to hear, but I'm pretty sure they were conversing as I could see them pointing to things. Then they started playing by the big swings and it looked like Lovie wanted to swing (I let her get on the big swing the day before by herself for the first time) so I got up and asked if that's what she wanted.

"No!" she said and motioned for me to leave. (Much like an annoyed 10 year old would do. Oh boy I'm in for it, huh?!?)

I apologized (haha- seriously!) and went back to my seat. Clearly they were fine by themselves. These two little mini's- my little mini at 20 months old and the other a head taller and I'm guessing older than 2.

It was so awesome to see these two strangers playing so fabulously well with one another- and on their own. Sure I was there watching from a bench, sure the other mom was there on the other bench lifting her head up every so often. But they were doing their own thing without either of us hovering or stepping in or calling out to them.

My girl is growing by leaps and bounds every single day. Right before my eyes. And yesterday was just one more example of just how far she's already come.

I'm in awe at who and what this little girl is turning into, too.


  1. I love to watch my 20 month old doing new things. She is very demanding too. I was dancing with her the other day and she was all "Stop" and then kept dancing. I was embarrassing her I guess.

  2. I have found that I'm most in awe of my kids when I can sit back and just watch them doing their own thing. It kind of takes my breath away watching them turn into the amazing little people they are.


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