September 24, 2011


The bear shown was gifted to Lovie at birth. She was scared of it at first (it plays a song), but now... now I don't think she'd be able to sleep without it. We've been fortunate to talk her into keeping it in her bed, only, so that she's not dragging it around the house, the car, school, etc, but it wasn't always like this and the thing has seen much better days.

The song it plays isn't really important (it's a Beatles song, "I Will", sung by a female/possibly child in a super high pitch) as she generally doesn't even like it when it plays (you have to press a paw to activate), but what's important is that we find a replica of the bear itself... its size, the texture.

We are sincerely growing very concerned over this thing falling apart. As it is the hat is super close to becoming detached, we can't really wash it (other than spot cleaning it). We NEED a new one. We NEED one on hand just in case.

If you've seen one or have any ideas where we can look, please email me at

Thanks SO much.


  1. Uh-oh. The dreaded "death of the lovey"? Good to be prepared! I hope you find a match. I've never seen such a bear but will keep my eyes peeled. You never know...

  2. HERE is your bear!!!

    I do not know about this site, but it is the EXACT SAME BEAR. At least it may be a starting point!

    Hope all is well :) Miss blogging a little.

    Cindy <3 (former this adventure, our life)

  3. oh cindy!!! a) i MISS you!! b) THANK YOU SO INSANELY MUCH!

  4. I miss you also!! Are you on FB? I am- I will check back here shop is also :)


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