September 22, 2011

trying not to laugh

Yesterday we stopped off at the park again. It was about 70 out and just gorgeous and the rest of the week and weekend they're calling for rain so why not?

Lovie enjoyed herself once again. She can now climb the little kid's rock climbing piece (not real rock climbing- no clue how to describe it though... I'll snap a pic one of these days) to get up to the slide and she'll spend half an hour climbing it, stopping to "drive da cahde [car], room rooooom [vroom vroom]," before sliding down ["weeee"] and running back to the rock climbing thing after giving me a high five. : )

Some sort of after-school program came to the playground about 20 minutes after we got there and about twenty 10 year olds took over- running everywhere. Screaming. Laughing. Yelling.

I wanted to scoop Lovie up and get out of there but she was still having fun so I just kept a close eye on her to make sure nobody ran her over or stepped on her.

When she finally grew tired of the slide, she made her way over the spinning thing she absolute loves.

this is an older video, but it's the spinning thing

A girl, about 4, was on it. Lovie moved closer toward it.

"Honey you have to wait your turn," I said from a good 5 steps away.

Lovie looked at me like WTF and whined. She moved closer to the girl who was sitting and spinning on the thing with her legs out.

"Honey, you have to move..." Bam, the girl's legs ram right into Lovie who falls over.  "...out of the way," I continued, making my way over to pick up Lovie and assure her she was fine.

Through her tears, I told her that she has to wait her turn and share.

Lovie cried louder. Three seconds later she stopped and started to make her way toward the other slides until a couple big kids zoomed by right in front of her, stopping her dead in her tracks.

Then she turned to look at me and came back toward the spinning thing. The girl was still on it- and I could tell she wasn't planning to budge anytime soon. In fact, I'm pretty sure she wanted to stick out her tongue to Lovie and say, "Na - na!" ;D

Lovie moved closer and closer.

"You have to wait," I said.

"Mine!" Lovie exclaimed and whined at the same time while pointing at it and trying to get on- with the girl still on it!

"We have to wait," I said again, picking her up and moving her out of the way.

Lovie. lost. her. shit.

She let out a loud scream and started wailing, dropping her knees to the ground, throwing her upper body over so that she was in the fetal position. And she cried. And screamed.

And I tried not laughing.

The two teachers- or after-school attendants (not sure what they're called), both looked at Lovie and smiled and looked at me and smiled.

I smiled back and shrugged my shoulder.

I said nothing and did nothing other than tried REALLY HARD not to laugh.

I know that's awful but it was so ridiculous, I couldn't help but want to laugh.

Twenty seconds later (no lie- 20 SECONDS- if that!), Lovie stopped crying and screaming, stood up, and ran to the slides to play. "Weeeeeee," she exclaimed with a huge smile on her face as she slid down the slide.

I love this stage. I know a lot of people have a hard time with the tantrums and I know ... I KNOW ... we have it gooooooood with Lovie (right now), but I really really love this stage.

It's just super entertaining to me.


  1. Hehehe... It is hilarious, the "this is the most important thing in the world and I will scream bloody murder if... oohhhh something shiny" phase.

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  3. Entertaining, but oh, can I do w/o the tantrums!

  4. yeah, i'm sure once we get into the longer and louder tantrums, i won't be laughing so much. :D


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