September 30, 2011


* Lovie turned 21 months old yesterday... 1.75 years... 1-3/4 year old.

I'm not sure what to say other than she's an absolute joy to be around, day in and day out. Sincerely an absolute joy. Her "Muh You"'s kill me, as does her increasing vocabulary (dudes, we're up to 4-word sentences these days... WHAT?!?!!), and memory of ... everything. I'm in awe of her daily. And her nighttime cuddles up next to me while we watch Blues Clues (a clue! a clue!!!) before bed... make my heart swell so much. I just... she's just... AWESOME.

But I don't think I'm telling you anything shocking so I'll move on.

* I created a new Facebook fan page. Wanna "Like" it?? Then click THIS HERE. Oh please!

* Tomorrow's October. How and when the hell did this happen exactly? Really, I'd like to know!

* 08 days from now I'll be seeing Bryan Adams in concert. I can't wait. Yes, really, Bryan Adams. Yes, really, I'm that old.

* How did I make that shirt in the photos above? EASY.
  • I designed the numbers and star burst thingie on Indesign (but you can do it on whatever you have, I'm pretty sure)
  • then print out image on regular paper from a color printer
  • then applied Rubber Cement to the back of it and let it dry (and applied more then let it dry, and again- making sure that each time it's not wet when applying more)
  • then, after it sits overnight, I cut the image out and stuck it to a $3 white shirt I picked up
The stickiness of the image is very temporary and will not stick permanently or even anywhere close to permanent! Plus the kid will probably end up tearing if off anyway. But if you want to do something like this just for photos- this is for you. If you want something to last longer, move along to doing some sort of iron on.

* We kind of figured out who will care for Lovie should we both die soon. Thanks to the comments I got on the post the other day regarding this heavy topic, I was able to broach the subject with the hubs again. And we both agreed, again, that yes, this was something that needed to happen soon. And, oddly, it wasn't too hard to think of who we'd want to care for Lovie. It's one of my cousins, but not my BFF cousin. I'm kind of sad about that but the fact is that the cousin we've chosen has two boys, a great job and home, and loves parenting. We just really think Lovie would accommodate the best in that home. Now, we just have to figure out a way to bring this up to my cousin. You know?  I mean, we're not neighbors or anything and we only get together on holidays or birthdays... I was gonna email her but the hubs was like, "is that something that should be done via email?" haha, Good point, Mr. Anyway, I think we're gonna try to contact them this weekend.

* Tomorrow's October. How and when the hell did this happen exactly? Really, I'd like to know!

Have a great weekend! :)


  1. god do i love that little face!if the cousin offer still stands :)

  2. I love her!!! Where is that firetruck park in your banner!?!?

  3. Dude. Are you seeing him on Maggie's birthday?

  4. Yay Lovie! And I'm so glad you've thought of the unthinkable and settled on your cousin to look after her.

    Happy weekend!

  5. I love your Lovie.

    I love it that you're going to see Bryan Adams!

    Good for you for approaching this subject and resolving to do something. It's hard to sit across from a lawyer and talk about what happens if you die...or if you don't die but are incapacitated. I really, really promise that having this big thing crossed off your list will give you an incredible measure of relief and security.

    P.S. One commenter mentioned just having a home-prepared document notarized. I mean no disrespect for her but so many people have been convinced that this is enough. Speaking from experience: this will hold no water in court. I beg you to have everything, your advance-directives included, prepared by a family lawyer.

    You can contact me privately or on FB if you want more information. I feel so strongly about this but can't post about it in my own blog as several family members would be crushed to know that they weren't chosen. Oh, also, we have back-ups - meaning, three people in line to care for her and also three different people to control the money. If Tim and I eat it, Ada comes with millions to care for her. I doubt our chosen people would be greedy - maybe not make the best financial choices always - but from what I've seen, death can really fuck up the living.

  6. OMG LOG you're right; it's in 8 days ... BRYAN ADAMS IS IN 8 DAYS. i changed it. :)

  7. Amy you need to set up your blogger so that it's not from no-reply; i'll try to contact you to let you know about the park- it's near where you live i'm pretty sure!

  8. Hate heavy stuff, like when Mark and I decided we should purchase a Preneed funeral plan for him. Such fun!

  9. Every time I hear Bryan Adams I think of you :) 7 DAYS NOW!

    We need to come up with a what-if plan too... with everything that we've just been through, it makes so much sense. Good for you for making the tough decision!


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