May 11, 2011

lesson learned

May 11, 2011: Yesterday after I picked up Lovie from school, we made the mistake in stopping at the park.

No, we didn't run into any Billy's or anything like that. In fact, we had little problem with any of the kids or parents yesterday.

No, yesterday's problem was with the weather.

Specifically... the heat!

My word it was hot out there and when the sun beamed down after taking a break from hiding behind the clouds, we could've baked out there.

Not even Lovie's cute little sun hat could keep either of us out there for too long.

When we arrived, we were completely alone. Shortly after a nice mom and her two kids, a boy around 4 and a girl 19 months (and smaller than Lovie) joined us.

They didn't last long and left before we did.

Then a grandma looking type came with her two, a girl around 3 and a boy around 20 months. The white haired children and their caregiver didn't seem too phased by the sun and happily played on the playground.

Lovie, on the other hand, was going from park bench to park bench and slide to swing saying "Ha!" (hot) as she touched everything. Hehe, I guess she doesn't care for the heat much like her momma.

In fact I was ready to go as soon as the first drop of sweat fell from my forehead about 5 minutes after arriving. Seriously. It was that friggin hot out.

Needless to say, we learned our lesson yesterday. Although it's only the start of Spring, we most definitely will not be stopping at the park anytime it's about 85 (hell, 80s pushing it for me but we'll try it out). No thank you.

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  1. Pie would stay outside no matter the weather or temp as long as I would let her. Too bad I can't hang in the heat and sun like she can. My Caasper white ass will turn lobster in about 2.4 seconds!


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