May 11, 2011


Are those not the cutest shorts you've seen? OMG even the little bows (which I normally hate) are green and white!

Could they be any cuter?? Why yes, yes they could- and they will... when Lovie wears them!

I just placed an order, moments ago, with one of my favorite places to get Lovie's clothes: Crazy8.

I ordered 3 tanks, 2 pair of shorts, 1 swimsuit, and 2 pair of jeans for... are you ready for this number?? ... $55 which includes tax and S&H. Now I'm no math geek or anything but that's 8 pieces of clothing for like ... well, a really good deal!

For real, yo.

We are Lovie is totally ready for summer now without a doubt. So to yesterday's 90 degree temps (disgusting!!), I say BRING IT! Just do so when these shorts come in, eh? :)

Seriously though, I don't even remember how I found Crazy8 since there are no stores nearby me whatsoever, but man am I glad I did. Their stuff is cute and they have fanfriggintastic deals! I got Lovie two pair of bootcut jeans (bootcut jeans. for babies!!!) last summer for this past fall and winter and I can't even tell you how many compliments I got on them and how many "Where'd you get those?"  So you best believe I snatched up two more pair just now for this fall and winter.

I love me a bargain and I love me some Crazy8!

and no, I'm not being paid or compensated in any way, shape, or form by Crazy8; I just really dig their stuff and their sales


  1. I always forget about them when I'm shopping. I need to bookmark the site or something. They really do have cute stuff for a super good deal. Hmmm...maybe I'll go check it out now :)

  2. OMG, they sell boxer briefs for little boys! I don't know if that's cute or weird...

  3. Relatives from Florida and Ohio send Ada tank tops and shorts. They don't realized that summer is often one of the coldest seasons in San Francisco!


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