May 27, 2011

packing for vacation with a toddler

We're getting ready to go away for a few days to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary (11 years together)... and yes, we're taking Lovie with us (wouldn't have it any other way).

We did this last year, too. In fact this will be our third year in a row going to the same place. It's only a 90 minute drive (no more than) from our house, but it's sooo different than the city. We love it.

So it's time to start packing- or at least getting a list together.

My stuff (the H packs his own crap, tyvm):

clothes- panties, bras, tops, bottoms, socks, pj's, extras
shoes- gym shoes, flip flops
hair shit
toiletries- beyond hair shit (don't forget deodorant)

Lovie's stuff (very random order):
Baby dolls- Grandma bear, Baby doll, Seahorse are absolute musts
PJs- footed, non footed
noise machine
sippy cups
clothes- shorts, dresses, tops, skorts, pants, sweatshirt
bathing suit
sun hat
toys for the car
toys for the hotel room
toys for restaurants
toys for sight seeing
prune juice
frozen peas (I really don't think she can do without!)
nutrigrain bars
baby shampoo
hair stuff
kid motrin
floaters for pool
sand toys

OMG this is way more than we had to bring last year when she was itty bitty like this:

Now, we're gonna need two cars... and we're only going for two nights! And I'm sure I'm missing something...amiright? Help!


  1. Look at those chunky legs!! I want to nom immediately.

    I'm always amazed at how much crap we have to bring with us for Pie. I do my lists grouped in activities. So all the things I need for cleanliness (diapers, wipes, soap, toothbrush, etc). All the things I need for dressing (shoes, socks, shorts). All the things I need for play, swim, car. Somehow that helps me make sure nothing important gets forgotten.

    Plus I figure there are Targets everywhere so if I do forget something, no big deal.

    And to round out this really long comment...happy anniversary and have a great trip!!!

  2. I'm taking a toddler and a then-9month old on vacation.

    For 12 days.


  3. Is she gonna sleep in the Pea Pod again? Does she need sheets/blankets?

    Just trying to help.

    Have so much fun, woman!!

  4. I hear you! I feel like every time we take the kids anywhere overnight (even for just 1 night) we have to take our whole house!!! It does get easier, though, when you don't have to pack diapers and all that crap anymore. Rylie is actually pretty easy to take now if I just take her.

    I hope you guys are having a good time, despite all of the sickies I see in your Twitter feed. Happy Anniversary!


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