May 6, 2011


May 6, 2011: Apparently I can pick 'em. Or they just flock to us. Or something.

Today when we stopped at the park, there were a handful of others already playing. Lovie, once again, took her sweet ass time scoping everyone else out before deciding to actually start playing. And when she did start playing, she chose to stand by the steering wheel where another girl, about 4, stood towering over Lovie.

Before Lovie even got both feet on the platform to stand, the girl started whining, "Noo! this is Mine!!"

I bit my tongue but I had a feeling this was going to get interesting.

I think the whining from someone twice her size startled Lovie a bit because she didn't move from her all fours position. She just looked up at this girl who moved the steering wheel with the ugliest sneer on her face. And when Lovie finally tried to stand up, the girl backed up into Lovie so that she basically stood on Lovie.

My blood boiled and my hand clenched on to the railing of the playground as I talked myself out of grabbing the girl by the hair and throwing her to the ground. Lovie looked down and started to cry.

She definitely stepped on her hand. Stupid little fucking bitch.

The girl's father was trying to watch the younger sister and commented something to the older girl, the Billy (bitch+bully), while I tried reaching to get Lovie away from the little twit. I could see this girl was a brat, plain a simple.

(Before I continue I would like to state that yesterday's visit went much smoother and Lovie actually played NICELY with the other kids that were there. Nobody whined, nobody fought over who would climb what. They all got along splendidly so I do have hope that not all kids suck ass at this park.)

Lovie must've sensed the Billy wouldn't budge so she got up and started making her way over to the bridge. Once I saw this I encouraged her on by going to the end of the playground of this bridge and playing peek a boo with Lovie, whose face lit up. While Lovie tried getting over the bridge, Billy decides she wants to go over the bridge and make her way to where I am and sure as shit, as Lovie stops moving to watch Billy huff and puff, Billy step right on Lovie's foot.

Before Lovie could even muster a tear, I snapped, "Do NOT step on her. She's much smaller than you are." I looked Billy dead in the eyes and did not waver my nasty glare. She looked down and continued on her way. I was sincerely ready to kick some ass at that point. The first time she stepped on Lovie, I wasn't 100% sure; this time, the Billy looked right down at Lovie's foot, then looked me dead in the eyes as she stomped on her.

I sincerely couldn't believe what I was seeing.

After Billy went down the rail slide (no clue what the hell it's called but it's a slide made of a shitton of cylindrical tube rails), her little sister came barreling over the bridge and stepped on Lovie in the process as well. She was smaller and was just trying to catch up to her big Billy so I didn't let it get to me as much... but how annoying was dad to say, "Watch out for the little guy in there. Or I mean girl. Sorry."

Douchebag, the girl's wearing pigtails. Sorry she's WAY cuter than your Billys but that's what happens when two fugs meet and fuck and procreate.

When Lovie made her way off the playground, she made her way over to the teeter totter where Billy was standing on one of the seats. Lovie wanted to get on it as she always loves "riding" on it. I couldn't believe she wanted to go near Billy, and while I just wanted to backhand Billy, I helped Lovie on one of the seats while the girl jumped on the opposite end.

Lovie's a fan of the thing so she enjoyed the jumping cuz it brought her up and down. Then Billy's little sister wanted to sit... and the look she gave me!! Wow.

What truly ugly kids. Not only on the outside but already on the inside, too.

How sad and unfortunate.

I'm not sure if they left or what, but Lovie and I finally made our way over to the swings where we befriended (for that visit at least) a girl seemingly in her 20s who was babysitting or nannying a 4 year old boy and a little girl a month older than Lovie. The girls swung while we chatted and the boy played in the sand box.

Not sure what happened with Billy and her clan. Good riddance, though.

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  1. It always breaks my heart a little when I come across kids that young who are already horrible because you know so much of it comes from the parenting.

    And I get the additional underlying pissed off-ness since I can't have kids, and they can have kids and screw them up!


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