May 28, 2011

Yummy in my Tummy

I was wanting some brown sugar yesterday for some reason... so I found a recipe for Brown Sugar Pancakes and that's what I made for breakfast this morning.

They turned out fabulous. Yum!

And the recipe makes enough pancakes for half a Duggar family I bet!

Speaking of brown sugar...

She's napping right now. When we got home yesterday she was so stuffy and coughing a bit. Poor thing. I could see it in her eyes that she wasn't feeling so well. She only ate a fruit pouch (well not the actual pouch, of course) for dinner- refused everything else. I have a feeling her throat was hurting her pretty bad. She cried when I kept offering other foods so I finally let it be, scooped her up and brought her to bed at 530. She looked up at me, then stood up, and wanted me to hold her. So I did. I scooped her up into my arms and held onto her as I swayed a bit. She just laid her head on my shoulder and let her whole body relax. I sat in the chair that's beside her crib and she continued to lay on me, molding into me. For 20 minutes we sat like that. My eyes closed but I didn't fall asleep... I don't think she did either. But it was enough to re-energize her a bit to hang out and watch a little tv before Daddy got home. Then about 640, she was ready for bed and was fast asleep within minutes not waking until 515 this morning. I gave her a bottle of warm milk and she drank it all and fell back to sleep until 730!

And today, fortunately, she's feeling a lot better already! Hoorah!

We'll take it easy today, just in case, because we have a picnic to go tomorrow for my grandmother's 89th birthday, then Tuesday we leave for our little annivacation. So hopefully the sickies can stay far away for a bit.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

And, if you ever make the brown sugar pancakes, let me know if you think they're as yummy as we do!

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  1. Never heard of brown sugar pancakes but I bet they're good! How do they compare to the crispy pancakes?


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