May 16, 2011

a shitty story

Ever since switching Lovie over to whole milk, her poop had been different... when she would poop, which wasn't very often, it would be these little marble-sized poops- and there was several occasions when she would cry as she pooped.

My poor baby girl.

We couldn't increase her water intake as she's always been a great water drinker (currently we'd estimate a good 32 ounces of water a day!!). She got plenty of fiber, too.

So one day after the girls at daycare even said that they thought Lovie was crying because she was constipated, I had the H pick up some prune juice and I poured a little in a sippy cup with some water. She didn't like it so I gave her some water and found a container of prune baby food and tried giving some of that. She gobbled up the entire container and that definitely helped!

But she was 1 and hadn't had baby food since she was 9 months old so I really didn't want to have to feed her baby food at that point. So the next time she cried when she pooped, I tried giving her prune juice again- this time with less water added. She drank it all.

I'm not sure exactly when this all started- probably around 13 or 14 months, but since then I give her about an ounce (no more than) of prune juice with about 4 ounces of water every morning. During the week, the sippy cup goes with her to school and she drinks it when we get there. And ever since then, we've had no more marbles, no more tears when crying.... because I have a 90 year old 16 month old who has prune juice every morning.
Well on Saturday, I asked the H to take care of Lovie first thing as I tried nursing some nasty cramps I got late Friday (along with Aunt Flo, the whorebag). He gave her some cheerios and prune juice and then they played for a bit before I got up (which I did so only after an hour, max, because Lovie kept crying for me and no sense in laying there with both of us unhappy).

After I got up, we played for a bit before she was ready for a nap. And when she napped, I went to nap. Thankfully.

A couple hours later, the H brings her in to bed with me and tells me he's got to change her sheets. Apparently she wet the bed and when he got her to change her, she was a hot mess of pee and poop- something that hasn't happened since the month of diarrhea when she was 10 months old.

Then Saturday night, when we got home from running errands, Lovie had leaked through another diaper with both pee and poop. It was wet and dirt-like and I had to give her a bath to get it off.

Well... yesterday morning when it was time for cheerios and prune juice, I was up with Lovie. And I noticed the once brand new, unopened container of prune juice was missing at least a cup's worth of prune juice- if not more!

"How much prune juice did you give her yesterday," I asked DH through the wall shared by the kitchen and our bedroom.

He said something but I couldn't hear so I opened the door and asked him again and he told me that she was really drinking it- like she was really thirsty so he gave her like two cups of it.

"Did you add any water?" I asked trying not to be too horrified.

"A little."



  1. Write it down. In three places. And send him a text next time. :)

  2. i agree with lisa. sometimes a little extra help is needed. :)

  3. Haha! I learned the hard way too - be specific and repeat yourself over and over!

  4. Oh dear god the prunes. Pie had some after some struggling when she was about 8 mos. And I swear the next diaper she had was full of everything she had ever eaten in her entire life.


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