May 9, 2011

monday morning

Friday night I baked a cake.

It was tasty and oh so easy to make.

We brought it over to my mom and grandmother's house to celebrate Mother's Day with them on Saturday.

We also checked out the flowers that are coming up.

(Lovie was mesmorized by the smoke coming from my mother's nasty cigarettes.)

After cake, coffee, a couple smoke/outside breaks, play/laugh time with Lovie, we took my mom out for dinner at a family joint she wanted to go to.

After a rough night of sleeping thanks to back teeth trying to poke through, we started our Sunday at 930 in the morning! Wow! Unfortunately I was sure Lovie was going to wake at any moment so I never really slept soundly. Such is life.

After a nice late morning start, we headed out to the in laws to pick up MIL and take her to a late (3pm) lunch at a brazillion restaurant. Lovie ate so much food and did such a fantastic job. I was so proud of her, so honored to be there with her as her Momma on Mother's Day.

Sadly no pictures were taken on Sunday.


And now it's Monday again, and I'm, once again, hankering to spend some time with my Lovie already!

These are the times when I really dislike you stay at home types.


  1. cake looks great. hope mom and oma liked it. :)

  2. The cake looks so good! Hope it was a hit!

  3. The cake looks great! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. I can't believe you made this!!!

    it looks so good!


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