May 24, 2011

screw the chalk

We skipped going to the park yesterday because it was in the 80s and sunny and we've already learned our lesson about when we can and can't go to the park. I did think about going though because the breeze was nice but then when Lovie started saying, "Hot" over and over again as soon as we walked out of daycare, I figured she was letting me know she didn't want to bake in the sun today.

Instead we came straight home and since the front of our house faces the east and the sun was in the back of the house at the time, I thought we could play with some sidewalk chalk.

I picked up a honkin' piece of chalk and scribbled on the ground. Lovie followed suit. Then she put the chalk down, climbed the rocky concrete steps (the curb appeal of the building we live in is embarrassing to say the least- but the inside... makes it doable... so much so that we don't plan on moving out any time soon), and made it pretty clear that she was done playing with chalk.

I call this one: "No, ma. I don't wanna play with chalk, I wanna go inside and watch the Wiggles. Pop Pop!"


  1. Chunky Lovie legs poking out of shorts = making my day!

  2. PJ loves chalk. He tries to use it in the house. He'd never say screw the chalk. :)

  3. ok woman, I just caught up on your recent posts, and you have been dealing with some crazy shit at that park! I'm not surprised Lovie was all "eff this - imma go chill"

    PS Ollie would just try to eat the chalk, so I'm no help there.

  4. Is it wrong that I LOVE this phase when the self expression is crystal clear? I love the independence, the assertion, the freedom to just do exactly as they please...I find it endlessly fascinating and entertaining.
    Go Lovie! The heat and me? Ugh...


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