May 13, 2011

FFF (Few of my Favorite things Friday)

As I stated the other day, I love Crazy8. Their products are cute and well made, their sales are spot on, their service is fast. What’s not to love?

Hazelnut iced coffees from McDonald’s

Once temps start to get about 40, I start ordering the iced coffee so I’ve had one every morning on my way to work now for weeks. I have to order it with LIGHT cream or there’s no coffee taste, but honestly, I wonder if there isn’t crack in it or something. I crave it. I start to itch if I don’t get it (weekends).

Garnier Fructis Style Super Stiff Gel Ultra Strong

I’ve been in love with John Frieda Frizz Ease (JFFE) hair gel for a very long time. The thought of this product not being made would bring me to tears. This is not a joke or an exaggeration. My hair, without JFFE, is one huge frizz ball- be in summer, winter, rain or shine. Well… for the past several months, I’ve been seeing less and less availability of JFFE. Walmart stopped carrying the gel (still carries the other stuff in that line) all together like a year ago and now I can no longer find it at Target or even Walgreens. I’ve used other “frizz taming” products but on my hair, they ALL suck but the JFFE. And I’ve tried a good half dozen or more! Well, the other week I was out of both the JF and the other brands I’ve purchased so I went with something new- the Garnier Fructis Style Super Stiff Gel Ultra Strong. This stuff is insane. I mean, when you glob it in your hands and start rubbing it together, you can actually feel a stiffness to the gel! Then, if you pull your hands apart, the gel literally stretches. It’s intense (and pretty rad if you're 12 like me). The best part is that it WORKS. And it works WELL. So if you need to style your hair to behave in a certain fashion, buy this. Or if you need to tame those frizzies, buy this. Use this. Love this. And it’s like half the price of the damn JF shit. So… thanks Johnny boy for stopping the sale of the JFFE from hitting the shelves.

NOTE: these are all just my opinions and i'm not in any way, shape, or form being compensated or provided with anything from any of these favorites

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  1. Love Crazy 8 too! Haven't been on their site in awhile, headed there now, thanks for making me remember about them!


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