May 5, 2011


My little copy cat is getting more boisterous these days.

Yesterday and today she kept saying Hiiiiiiiiii. She has said Hi and Bye in the past, but now she means it apparently. This morning, for example, when I went in to her room to get her up and dressed, she looked at me with a big smile and said, "Hiiiiiiii."

Man, she has a way to make me smile like no other.

And her blowing of kisses? To die for!  And her hugs and kisses? Melt me into a puddle she can almost jump in.

She's been blowing kisses for a while now, but it's become more prominent the past couple weeks. The hugging and kissing is brand new, though- but I think that's cuz I'm a dumbass and haven't really asked her to give hugs and kisses until the other day...

We went on our very first (and short) play date Tuesday after work and school. It was only in the 40s and cloudy so Lovie and I, and our play date partners- "Terri" and her boy "Dax," were the only people at the park. Lovie was so excited to have someone her size to play with on the play ground (and now I finally understand the play date appeal). She showed him how to slide down the tunnel slide head first and everything! When it was time to leave, I told her to say Bye Bye to Dax and she waved but he was being a whiny brat ;) and ignored her so then I told her (not sure why since I never have before) to give hugs to Dax. And she walked up to him to give him a hug, which he refused because he was too busy crying that he didn't want to leave. His loss.

I was astounded that she was going to hug him, though! While she's a very social baby, she's never been one to be affectionate with anyone other than me or her dad- and even when she is with us, we have to work for it sometimes!

I tested the hugs out yesterday morning when we were getting ready to leave by asking Lovie where her daddy was (she spends time with him every morning as I get ready for work- she watches TV in our bed while daddy sleeps snuggles and talks/plays with her) and when she pointed to him, giggling, I said, "Give daddy hugs." And she leaned over to him and pressed her little body into his chest and neck.

I thought he was gonna cry to be honest.

And when I said, "Give kisses!" she pushed her face up against his with her mouth open, of course, and made mmmmmmm sound.

The thing is that I'm not fond of ordering her what to do... I know it's weird since we all do it but, I just feel like such an idiot when I do do it: "Give daddy a hug." ... "Say bye bye." ...  "Blow Kisses!"

Anyway. In other, completely unrelated news, the H finally got a carseat for his car!! Happy Mother's Day to me, I don't have drive this weekend when we all go out!


  1. I totally get the not wanting to order her around. I feel the same way so I try to phrase it like a question... "Can Daddy have a hug?" or I just do/say things that I know O will mimic... "Bye bye Elmo!"

  2. My daughter is pretty stingy with her hugs and kisses. I usually say something like "Hey, where's Mommy's hug?" and then she'll either say no or give me one. If she says no, I hug her and say "Fine, I'll steal it then!" and she laughs. haha.

  3. I feel the same way but seem to do it anyway. Mostly though it's just if she's playing with other kids and we're leaving I'll ask her to wave bye bye. I want to get her in the habit of some of those polite social expectations now.


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