May 26, 2011

the dead dog

Remember this?

Lovie and her Dog, circa early December 2010.

Yeah. My girl loves this dog. Grandpa brought it over one day on a visit. It's perfect for her because it's long and skinny so it's super easy for her to grab a hold of and do what she wants with it.

Anyway, it's been storming here (and everywhere in this country it seems) and yesterday when we got inside the place and got settled, I happened to look out at the street and noticed something right outside the back door of my car. Something white and black and long and narrow.

Her doggie.

And it rained all night long.

And now, in 15 minutes, Lovie and I have to make our way out there to the car to go to school and work and somehow do this without her seeing what awful thing I've done to her poor little doggie.

Got to remember to bring a bag to dispose of the remains. Poor dead doggie.


  1. I can't believe how different Lovie looks since December! She looks so much more grown up now.

    Poor doggie. Fingers crossed she doesn't notice.

  2. Oh no!!! Maybe you can dry it out??

  3. This is the type of situation where it's okay to lie to your children. Simply tell the heartbroken beautiful girl that her doggie ran away. Lol.

  4. Oh nooooo!

    My overly-sentimental ass would try to save the thing. Washing machine, extra soap, wash again on hot, no soap, air dry, febreeze, wash again, dryer on super hot...

    I'm a nut job. Good luck to you!

  5. Poor doggie :( Any hope for him to be saved? No? Hopefully Lovie didn't see and won't remember...Good luck!


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