April 20, 2011

PYHO: Pinkfrillyprincessyshit

I really hate the color pink.

I really hate all things Princess and frilly.

I really hate big ass flowered headbands on baby girls.

I really hate that there are toys geared specifically for baby girls... because they are pink. Why can't a girl play with a regular toy truck? Why are toy trucks even made in the color pink?

It really and truly bothers me that just because I have a girl, it's assumed that she'll like dolls or tea parties or princess shit or tutus or whateverthefuck makes something uber girly to the masses.

I have completely accepted the fact that one day in the not so distant future my Lovie may end up actually liking pink frilly princessy shit. I've come to terms with the fact that she very well may start begging for pink frilly princessy shit to wear or to play with. And I'm OK with that... if that's what she wants, if that's what makes her happy.

But until that time, keep your pink frilly princessy shit to yourself, please.

*photo of my Lovie from a year ago yesterday. it's one of my all time favorites of her. such a cutie- despite being deprived of pink frilly princessy shit and big ass flower headbands.


  1. I LOVE tutus and big flower hands, but I hope we can still be friends! ;)

    That picture of Lovie is SOOO cute!

  2. LOL I think that stuff is so cute... but probably only because I have three boys and can't get any of the cutsie stuff.

  3. Over from PYHO!

    This post made me laugh!

    I hate the color pink too.

    Boy, do I love the flower headbands. :)
    I dress my new baby in pink (not all the time) though.

    Her favorite toy to play with? A yellow school bus.

    Not a fan of the "princess" crap either!

    Fun post!

  4. Aww, I think that stuff is adorable...but probably because I have 3 boys right now and am dying to have a daughter!

  5. I am with you 100% I didn't think the color pink could give me such a headache.

  6. I only have boys, so I'm a sucker for some girlie stuff. But, I think there's plenty of gilry stuff that isn't filly and pink. Stopped by from PYHO.


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