April 6, 2011

PYHO: mini letters

Dear In-Laws,

It really bothers me that you show very little interest in your one and only grandchild. According to the husband you, MIL, have waited forever for a little girl- even telling the husband when he was wee that you wished he was a girl. You were happy when you found out Lovie was a girl, and I know you all love her dearly. There's no disputing that. I just don't understand how it's acceptable to see your one and only grandchild twice so far this year- especially when you live 20 minutes away. Why don't you call and ask to see her? I respect that you don't hound us and that you respect that this is our little family, but it just saddens me that there's no interest to see Lovie more- especially since she's your only grandchild.

Dearest Brother of mine,

I'm still waiting for a Thank You from your wife for the baby shower gift I sent two years ago. I'm still waiting for a Thank You from her (and/or you) for the birthday gift I sent for your youngest son last June. Oh, and the most unforgettable thing I'm still waiting on is a Happy Birthday anything (wish, card, etc) for Lovie's 1st birthday. I'm repulsed over this last tidbit. I know you have your own life and your own kids, but show a little respect to me and mine, huh? Prick.

Dearest Sister of mine,

I get that you're going through mid-life crisis number whatever. I understand this is your second divorce and the second time you're leaving your kids behind to live your life. Good for you. I thank you for not including me and mine in on this path, but, like with your brother, I'm still waiting for a Happy Birthday wish for Lovie's 1st birthday. Oh but wait. I'm still waiting on a Congratulations from my wedding four years ago so ... yeah.

Sometimes it's easier to express things via a letter. The above are things that have been bugging me that I needed to get out once and for all. Thank you, PYHO!


  1. oh yeah, the birthday thing would have me going postal....LOL my brother and sister always get an earful from my big mouth. They would loooove a sister like you:) I showed them Lovie and they think she is absolutely precious

  2. Grr. All of the above would irk me too. Especially the Lovie's birthday part.

    I also write letters on occasion to let off some steam.

    Stopping by for PYHO!

  3. Those would all bug me.

    My family is awful with birthday stuff. For their kids' birthdays, I organized a big group present for each of them. B/c none of our kids needs some little toy, so I pooled everyone's money and got something they could really use.

    MY KIDS' BIRTHDAYS? Not even a damn card from anyone.

    I feel your pain!

  4. I have no siblings, but this is fucking appalling and I'd like to kick these twatwaffles in the face. ;)

  5. Families sure can suck. I have little or no idea where my brother is half the time. He has met my youngest exactly once. Again families sure can stink.

  6. I hear ya!

    My MIL lives 2 hours away, but the ONLY time she'll see my DD is when we drive up to her. She REFUSES to come down to us, even though it's her first and only grandchild.

    The first time my sister even met my DD was on Thanksgiving of this year (my daughter just turned 2) for a grand total of 5 minutes (she got pissed when my DD didn't like her) and then she got pissed when I didn't invite her to her bday party, saying she cares "so much" for her. HA!

  7. Why must we have in-laws?

    And I don't want to step over the line, because they are your family, but seriously...WTF?!

    Who would not want to see Lovie? Who would not want to celebrate her birthday? So wrong!!

  8. The whole not sending cards...not cool especially when you have sent some to them. Just went through this with my sister.
    Family...you love them but they drive us crazy sometimes!

    stopping by from pyho

  9. Hrm. Sometimes family forget the importance of common courtesy, don't they? Unfortunately, you're probably never going to get the thank yous from your siblings, but hopefully your MIL will have a better relationship with your daughter as she gets older, even if it requires some pushing.

    Stopping by from PYHO :)

  10. I love it! I'm a big believer in Thank You notes, in that I'm very good about writing them and sending them in a timely fashion.

    Certain members of my (husband's) family are horrible with thank you's...which is annoying in its own right, but add to that the fact that they throw a complete hissy fit if they don't get a thank you note from me within 2 days! In fact, there have been at least 2 times they have accused me of not thanking them for something when my thank you note was right there, within their reach....open. Ugh!

  11. Oh, I can so relate with the inlaws thing. Sigh. Love the idea of these mini-letters, what a great way to get things off your chest!

  12. Just let it out - best that way. Do you have a couple of hours I could give you a few in-law stories? And the sister thing - yeah I am with you on that one. My husband and I have 5 siblings total and have little to no contact with them. *sigh* I just feel bad that my children don't get to play with their cousins.

  13. Sometimes family does really ignorant selfish things. I deal with the same nonsense. The birthday thing would have gotten me too. And with your MIL - I deal with the SAME junk! {{HUGS}} to you!

    I love the idea of these little letters though!


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