April 29, 2011

Few of my Favorite things Friday

Peanut Butter World

The H picked up a pint of this the other week from Target and I simply cannot get enough. It's absolute perfection on a spoon, in a cup if you ask me... the milk chocolate creamy ice cream, the salty peanut butter swirls, the crispy bits of chocolate cookies... perfection on a spoon. I really hope good old Ben and Jerry keep this flavor around for a long time.


I'm fucking tired lately. All day, every day. I'm sick of it, too. And why on earth is Lovie waking up every single friggin morning between 4 and 5 crying?! Why is she needing milk to go back to sleep?! Why doesn't she sleep 12 hours through like everyone claims their kid does? I'm tired, she's tired, we're all tired. So let's SLEEP!!

Viva Sleep!!

The Help

Last week's favorite book was Two Kisses for Maddy which I finished on Saturday (such a great book- just be sure to have some tissues present). Monday I picked up The Help and am so glad I did. I had some other suggestions for books to pick up (and probably still will at some point) but saw this one, read the first page (written from the POV of a maid way back when, very much reminding me of the style of writing from one of my all time favorite books, As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner), and had to buy it. I'm about 100 page in so far (I read sitting on the couch while Lovie watched TV for an hour a night) and I really do love the way it's written, and cannot wait to read more!

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  1. Neither of my kids sleep 12 hours.

    Although I did get 9 to 5 from the PJer last night and a pretty good night from Mags.

  2. Tim brought me a pint of B&J Maple Blondie. Damn!! So, so good.

  3. My littlest one doesn't sleep 12 hours either. And? Oh. Em. Gee. That ice cream sounds like heaven!!

    PS - My diet hates you ;)


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