April 5, 2011

if you're on Facebook

if you have a Facebook and are on it daily and have family and/or dear friends as your "friends", do you post pictures of your kid(s)?

why or why not?


  1. Yes....for me facebook is the only place where my spread out family can connect. It is so very hard for me to send letters or pics so they love it when I post my pics and vids on FB.

  2. I don't post pics of my kids (although I let it pass if someone else has taken a picture of one or both of my kids and posted it...I can't control everything, as much as I would like to!). Facebook just has too many security issues for me to feel safe doing so.

    I do have a private blog where I was posting pictures--until I found out my inlaws were taking the pictures, sending them out to people (not a huge deal, except when we were going to send the pictures to those people as gifts) AND posting them on Facebook.

    Now, I have a picasa web album where I post pictures--and only my side of the family has access. As for the private blog, I do a monthly slideshow and post it there.

  3. Yes I do.I don't see alot of my family and it is a way for them to see my kids as the grow:)

  4. I am a bad facebooker - I just don't care about the candle party being hosted someone I went to high school with. Frankly, I just don't have time to keep up with it. I keep my blog though and make time for that outlet because I enjoy creating it and the resource it provides later. My husband posts pictures of Ada for the family and rest of the world to see on Facebook.

  5. I'm a pretty active Facebooker and yes, my Facebook page is covered with pics of my children. My page is "private" and yes, full of pics of my adorable kiddos! :)

  6. yup, Babygirl is all over my FB page. Why do you ask?


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