April 7, 2011


My sweet girl. I love her so stinkin' much. I don't understand how that love can grow every day, but it does. I swear, sometimes I feel like I could just burst with the love I have for this child. My child. My everything. My life.

She's such an awesome little girl but there's one thing that I haven't quite figured out yet... one thing that really leaves me dumbfounded a bit...

When will she like the swings?

I've never known a child not to enjoy swinging. She loves the slide and the teeter totter (or anything like a teeter totter). Heck, she'll even climb up the slide part to slide down again (though I try to get her to climb the stairs part!). But the swing?!  Won't have any part of it (she just whines the whole time while reaching for me)! I've tried getting her to swing with me, getting her to push the swing, etc. Nothing's working- She just clings to me like velcro anytime I try getting her in one.


My weirdo. : D

Is there something your kid doesn't like to do that most other seem to love??


  1. PJ doesn't like CAKE. CAKE? I mean he likes it, I guess, but couldn't care less. He did not eat one bite of his birthday cake. Just wanted to blow out the candle, and off he went. ;)

  2. kinsley is not a fan of the swings. she LOVES to be thrown, hang upside down, etc. Put in a swing and she loses it!

  3. My youngest son didn't like bubbles for the longest time.I just recently started to get into them.I mean what kid doesn't love bubbles?

    And my daughter doesn't like icing.At all.Even when she was baby.Not to weird but she is the only kid I know that doesn't love to eat icing.


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