April 18, 2011


We stayed home all weekend and it was fantastic... FANTASTIC.

Friday, the H had to work late so wasn't home till after 8. He missed being able to say Good Night to an awake Lovie by about 10 minutes, sadly. Maybe 20. He's had a rough week- working late three of the five nights. And when he works late, it typically means he gets no Lovie time. I honestly couldn't even fathom. But he rarely complains about it; instead he loves and dotes on her sooooo much on the weekends. It's fucking adorable to watch those two.

That said, it doesn't erase the fact that the girl is glued to me. We've surpassed Velcro. Seriously. It's so damn cute- SHE'S so damn cute, though. She just looks at me with those big brown eyes. I mean, really looks at me to the point that I sometimes wonder if she's trying to talk to me with her eyes!

I kept her up later than normal on Friday. And she was beyond adorable about it... I got her in her pj's and allowed her to nom on her binky (something normally reserved for nap/bedtime and car rides) as she, Grandmabear, and I cuddled on the couch watching one of my all time favorite shows, Friday Night Lights. I tried letting her stay up the entire episode but with 10 minutes left in the show, I could tell she needed her bed. And as soon as I laid her down in her bed, she was asleep.

Saturday, she woke around 5 and I gave her some milk and laid her back down again and she didn't get back up till 8 (glorious)! Punky and I had some Chocolate Cheerios (oh my YUM) and played until lunchtime and then Lovie took an hour nap. Again, I tried keeping her up Saturday night, but she didn't make it past 730 and come Sunday morning, she was up at 5 again for a bottle of milk, and back up again before 7.

Sunday was pretty much a repeat of Saturday- Lovie was adorable and glued to me all day despite how much I tried getting her to hang around the H. But again, she would look up at me with those big eyes and I just couldn't resist, nor could I get upset.

She's my doll, after all.

The thing is... I've come to really wonder what the fuck is going to happen when she gets older and doesn't want or need me as much. I'm serious. I mean, I will always be here for her regardless, but I'm not stupid; I know there will be a time when she wants to be with her friends or, at the very least, locked away in her room. This will happen. So then what?!?

Maybe that's the point to this blog? Maybe that's when I go back and read through all of this crap sap?


  1. There will be some other wonderful thing you'll do with her. And it will all be awesome.

  2. Those eyes are adorable!

    I'm having the same issues myself. My kids are glued to me. What will happen when they get older? I know that there are so many more memories and fun times ahead though!


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