April 25, 2011

weekend update: shy

Had a great and busy weekend. Saturday we were busy with guests and I didn't get a chance to snap any pictures. : (  Yesterday was Easter and of course pictures were taken.

Lovie is a great kid- she's very social and sweet and friendly and, well, fucking adorable. I've been noticing that she acts super shy when she first encounters someone- even if it's someone she knows (like family). She looks at them and then, in an instant - as if the bottom of her chin and the top of her chest are magnetized - drops her chin down and looks up at them with her big brown eyes... kinda like this here:

here she is starting to let up a bit of her "shy" minute

It's adorable and people can't help but chuckle... but where did she pick this up from? I guess it's a natural reaction?? And of course, 10 minutes later, she's best buds with you.

Typical kid behavior, I'm sure.

How was your weekend? Notice anything new that your kid does or catch any of their latest quirks on film?


  1. PJ really likes his new hat. :)

  2. I hope you guys had a great Easter! Lovie sure did look adorable in her pretty dress!

    My kids are full of quirks. Both of them did/do that shy thing too...with everyone except my mom.

  3. OMG that dress! Too cute!

    Ollie got a lot more talkative over our week in FL, I swear he picked up like 15 new words!

    At Easter we figured out he will give kisses to anyone if he's in a good mood, even people he's shy or antsy around. If one person gets a kiss or a high-five, so does everyone in the room!


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