April 27, 2011


The Paper Mama

That's my current favorite picture of my Lovie. I just wish it wasn't taken with a cell phone and wasn't so fuzzy looking. Regardless it's still my current favorite because it's so... her.

When I saw The Paper Mama's challenge for this week, I instantly thought of this photo because not only is Lovie half black and half white (multicolored- get it? bad, i know), but there's the green grass, the pink, purple, blue, and ivory in her shirt- and the blue jeans belonging to my nephew standing next to her.

The funny thing about this picture is that while it looks as if she's smiling at the person taking the picture, she's not. She's much like her momma in that respect- could care less about being in a photo. No, she's smiling because I brought her her big ball (you know, the ones you find in those huge bins at Target for like $2?) which she absolutely looooves. My cousin was trying to snap a picture but Lovie was just giving her the stink eye so I bounced the ball atop Lovie's head and that smile, that adorable face, is the result.


  1. Too CUTE!! Love that little smirk on her face :)

  2. I love her shirt and that she herself is "multicolored" LOL

  3. loving your lovie! so cute and multi-colored!


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