April 22, 2011

Few of my Favorite things Friday

Chocolate Cheerios

Yum. YUM! I'm not sure what it is about a bowl of Chocolate Cheerios drowning in milk, but it makes me so super duper happy to have some... and share with my little lovebug who seems to be loving them as well! COSTCO sells them in huge boxes and they had coupons so the H picked up a couple boxes the other week and we've been having Chocolate Cheerios for breakfast on weekends and for snack during the week since. Yum! And tonight, I'm making some Chocolate Cheerios Crispy Treats (think Rice Krispie treats but with CCs!). Cannot wait!

Portal 2

This is the H's fault. He's a geek and sucked me in to his world with Katamari on Playstation and then Portal on the PC. Well, Portal 2 just came out the other day and just like with Portal, it's fucking addicting and awesome. The only difference now is that Lovie exists which means we can't spend all weekend playing it.

Two Kisses for Maddy

Ever since giving in and allowing Lovie to watch TV every day when we get home, I've found myself wishing for a laptop or a better cell phone or something that would allow me to sit with her yet not watch the stupid shit that she watches (it's so damn repetitive- good for her, but enough for my eyeballs to get stuck in the back of my head permanently). Finally the other week it dawned on me: I could start reading actual books again!! So I picked up Matt Logelin's book and have been reading a bit here and there all week and have like a chapter or two to go. And I love it. So much. I knew I would because I love his blog, but yeah, it's such a great story with such emotion and heart.


  1. I really need to try out those chocolate Cheerios. I love Cheerios and I always put some Hershey's chocolate syrup on them, so why not just buy already chocolate ones!??!?!?

    I had heard of Matt's story, but didn't realize he had written a book. I'm sure I'd cry through the whole thing!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. oh no! Portal! I mentioned it last night and then we had to go looking for info on it and watching stupid youtube videos about it. Don't get addicted!


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