April 28, 2011

Weirdo II

A couple weeks ago I posted about how Lovie didn't like the swings and how I found that to be so... well... weird. (She's finally OK with the swings, in case you were wondering, but much prefers the slides and roaming free.) Well the latest thing that has me calling her a weirdo is the tears that fly outta her eyes whenever I use the immersion blender.

picture courtesy of google images
I can understand being startled by the sound but she reacts like her little hand (god forbid!!) is getting blended up! :( I've been making smoothies (plain yogurt, frozen berries, a little honey) for us every night this week and every single time she flips out when I start blending.


And crying out with food spilling out of her mouth!

Yesterday it got so bad that she wouldn't finish eating and I had to actually hold her and rock her for several minutes, the poor thing.

I hope she's not scarred for life.

It's ... weird.  I can run the garbage disposal, which is even louder IMO, and get not even a glance, but as soon as the fruit goes into that cup, look out.

Oh well. It's probably for the best because all this fruit has left me... well... stinky lately. Time to retire the blender for a bit and maybe, like with the swings, she'll warm up to it in the future.

So... anything weird going on with you or yours that's leaving you scratching your head a bit??


  1. Um besides the fact he won't eat chicken nuggets or cake??

    Nah. :)

  2. Just tonight I pulled out a play tunnel and tent for the kids to play in. My youngest freaked out! I had no idea where that came from!

    My kids are afraid of noises too :)

  3. LOL!!! You crack me up! I don't know why I found this so funny. I guess it's because I totally don't get Babygirl's fears either. Babygirl has this rocking horse that she loves to feed, pet, talk to, you name it. Now if you try to get her ON the horse, she flips the hell out. She screams bloody murder as if the horse is eating her alive. It's soooooooooo weird. I don't get kids sometimes.


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