April 26, 2011

The love affair continues.

Lovie was dressed in a shirt and leggings when I picked her up from school- as opposed to the dress she was wearing upon arriving at school early in the morning. I guess she peed all over her dress when one of the teachers were changing her.

Despite the fugly pink legging she was wearing, despite the pretty cold temperatures (for this time of year- low 40s), despite the overcast skies and threat of rain, I decided to stop at the park on the way home. She had two naps and the forecast for the rest of the week looked pretty shitty so I figured yesterday might be the best day for a visit.

We were the only ones there for the entire half hour we stayed.

We've been stopping at this park a good two dozen times in the past year and yesterday was the first time she really maneuvered around the playset- even going down the big tunnel slide for the first time- all by herself (normally she just follows other kids around and doesn't really have any interest to do anything else other than point at them and try to befriend them). She did this (the slide) twice and both times, it was head first and both times resulted in a big smile.

Before getting home, I picked up some Mickey D's chicken nuggets and fries for dinner. She devoured almost 4 once home and in her highchair. We then spent the next hour and half singing and dancing and watching TV before I read three books to her and put her to bed.

Like always, I sang the song I made up after she was born and laid her down, kissed my fingers and then touched her cheek, telling her that Daddy would give her hugs and kisses when he got home. Unlike most nights, she grabbed my fingers and pulled my hand to her face and started rubbing my fingers against her face the way she normally does with her Grandmabear. It was the sweetest thing and I just let her hold on to my fingers and hand for a good couple minutes as her eyes started to shut.

I left her room in near tears because ... I'm just so insanely blessed that this child is mine.


  1. She's so cute. I wish we had time to stop at the park after work. Hopefully we'll be able to go Saturday. XOXO.

  2. Aw, that brought tears to my eyes! Every once in a while these little ones do something so sweet and so unexpected that it just rips our hearts out!


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