April 14, 2011


... not sure if it's because i haven't had sex since i don't know when.
... not sure if it's the result of Lovie waking at 430 every day this week and only wanting to be held by me, which i would love to do but can't because i have get to her and myself ready so that we can leave for school and work at 6 am, thereby leaving Lovie to scream and cry for an hour.
... not sure if it's because i've had it with this mofo computer at work that is at its slowest ever.
... not sure if it's PMS.
... not sure if it's the fact that i could more than afford to lose at least 100 pounds but do nothing about it and continue to stuff my face while the weather gets warmer and i get fatter and fatter.
... not sure what it is exactly, but i'm in a PICKLE of a mood.

: (


  1. Ha! Sing it sister, I will join you in a duet.

  2. Haha, this was too cute! And honestly, I'm in the same mood. For some of the very same reasons!

  3. Well, thank God you aren't holding a turd in that mock-up. Maybe it's the phase of the moon? Ada pushed ALL of my buttons today. Now, I am enjoying a glass of wine. Tomorrow is a brand new day.


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