June 28, 2011

Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!

My Lovie, she loves this song as much as I do:

Yup. I have the musical tastes of a 16 year old, I admit. I love Brit Brit.  And apparently so does Lovie because when we got in the car yesterday after I picked her up from daycare, this song was on- and it was just after it fades away and comes back. I turned up the volume a little and I hear this squeal and look in the rear view mirror to see Lovie's feet kicking the back seat as her arms shot up in the air. 


Better than that though is hearing her sing along: Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Ha! She amuses me greatly.


  1. that Britney - she'll get you every time!!

  2. Pie sings to the Beatles. If you sing "She loves me..." she'll respond "yeah yeah yeah" cracks me up every time!


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