June 28, 2011

The Bouncing Boobs

It was hot and sticky that day.

I was wearing my favorite shirt at the time- a white tshirt with blue ¾ length sleeves. Under the tshirt I wore a bra to cover my growing boobs that I absolutely hated.

I was in 5th grade and we were going on a field trip to be in Nature.

My mom and I sat on the school bus together- I had the window seat, she sat on the aisle. I was new at school so I didn’t really know anyone and was glad that my mom was coming along though, thinking back, I’m not really sure why or how this came about since my mom was never really involved with me after she locked my dad out of the house the year before. Maybe she was between jobs at that point and bored? Not sure and really, not the point.

All I do know is that my boobs seemed to be growing by the second and while I hated it and them, my mother seemed to love hers.

As we sat there, I couldn’t help but notice how far out from her body her boobs… jutted. I half expected arms to extend out from them and grasp the seat in front of us at one point, they were sticking out so much and bouncing around so much. Her boobs took on a life of their own and soon there were three of us sitting on the dark green, sticky vinyl seat of the school bus: me, my mom, and her boobs.

I hugged myself, hoping to prevent my own boobs from bouncing and continued watching her boobs bounce around. She looked happy- my mom. How on earth could she be happy with those things bouncing around? But she was. And as much as I hated my boobs and marveled over hers taking on their own life, I suppose I was happy, too.

I was wearing my favorite tshirt and I was going on a field trip with my mom sitting beside me and only me (well, and her boobs, of course).

(SO excited to be trying out something new this week with The Red Dress Club!)


  1. I wanted boobs so badly. I was the girl who wore bra when I didn't need it, but because everyone else was wearing one.

  2. Same as LOG. I was SO jealous of everyone's boobs when I didn't have any. I used to stick socks in my bra in the mirror just to see what it would look like. Never wore them out that way, but I fantasized : )

  3. It's so funny what we remember, sin't it? I'm glad you all had a good time on the field trip! :)

  4. I was in a bra in fourth grade and absolutely hated it. I also spent about two years with a perm bruise across my back from all the strap popping. Thankfully I realized the power of the boob in high school :)


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